Now that I’m not watching as much TV, I find that the conversations & readings of that day come more readily to mind during day dreams, whereas they were only part of my sleepy dreams before… I haven’t been very good at remembering dreams in the past. Free the mind from passive input and big ideas grow. This one has been whispering itself to me for a while, and shouted in my face yesterday! Can I get a job at TED? Why not? So, How? What if I decided to write an article every day, based on one of the Ted Talk of that day? Would that bring me to Chris Anderson’s attention? If not, so what? Imagine the incredible things I’d learn each day, the inspiration I’d receive and then could share on my blog. What could it lead to? I’d like to write a book and following in the footsteps of some giants I deeply respect, like Neil Pashrisha  & Matt Cutts , I could start with a daily blog. Can you help me with a title? How about “365 Days With Ted” or a more risqué “Get Out Of Bed With Ted”? The latter may need a sub-title… perhaps something like “The Greatest Inspirational Stories to Give Yourself A Good Kick In The Ass And Get You Out Of Any Rut.” Well, it’s a working title and it can change…

This would be an amazing undertaking for me. I would learn so much, improve my writing skills tremendously, and it’s a mid-term goal that I believe I could manage, with a little time management and some grit. I gotta tell you that this prospect excites me and scares me equally. I have never undertaken a project that requires such consistent discipline. With your indulgence, I will talk this though, out loud, or in public, or on a clamshell, or… well you get the point, I’m sharing it with you.

I’ve been doing a variety of 30 day challenges for almost two months now, and knowing what I need to do each day is surprisingly freeing. They’ve given me clear & achievable ikigai . I guess I wasted a great deal of time trying to fill time with asking myself “What the hell am I supposed to do now?” It also was a wonderful way of practicing to be a master procrastinator. Well, I don’t want to be a Master at that! After all, it hasn’t gotten me wealth and happiness, has it? Adam Grant teaches us the great benefits of being a moderate procrastinator in his Ted Talk – “The surprising habits of original thinkers”. One sometimes thinks about the best solutions when time is given to let the question fester in the back of our minds, and then we are in a crunch to be creative with an imminent deadline. What I’ve discovered with these daily tasks, is that I am getting very good at making better use of time.

I still have to go out and meet people, from time to time. I still have to do the groceries and chores, and pay attention to family and friends. I haven’t yet become a complete hermit! So, to avoid becoming totally antisocial, I can write in advance. I started with creating lists of dates that articles need to be released, so I don’t confuse what needs to be released when. I then write ideas, add links, notes, and quotes that stimulated the idea for that topic. Then I plan the hours I know I’m in front of the computer as carefully as possible, capitalizing on creative momentum and writing as much as the time permits. So far, this is allowing me the possibility of getting more done, and freeing up time for more research to fuel future writing. The big challenge for creative time right now is answering emails and sharing on social media… I’m learning about tools to manage that better as well. I’m toying with doing a 30 day challenge on the topic of improving my blogging.

Hey, wasn’t this supposed to be about getting on TED? Man, do you guys ever get off topic, sometimes!!! Getting on Ted Talks is a possible goal here, maybe it should be the purpose that drives the focus of this project, but is it sustainable??? Matt Cutts says… Remember Matt Cutts? I mentioned him at the start of this article, well, he says that for a challenge to affect true change in ones habits, or life, it must be sustainable. His example of cutting sugar from your diet for a month, then eating a pound of candy on day 31 is infinitely relatable, don’t you think? Something about this project has to impact a more permanent change, more life altering and dramatic change, more epiphanic transformation than anything I’ve ever done before. Why, I do believe I will be a new man after this experience. I will be… The New Renaissance Mind! Well, I sufficiently pumped myself up to embark on this epic journey, that I must leave you to start my process of lists, note, and research, and before I leave this overly dramatic run-on sentence… I leave you with this little gift, only because I feel I was channelling a little Arlo Guthrie in this last paragraph. So, sing along, enjoy and get anything you want at… Alice’s Restaurant  


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