Here we are at Day 30 and I’m not yet certain where I am on the journey to clearly defining my life’s purpose. I’m grateful that I’m much farther ahead than I was a month ago… I have discovered a passion for writing and sharing this journey with others. I’m loving the connections and relationships that are growing, because I chose to do this blog. And, I am grateful for a giant realization… I don’t have to see everything as an “either / or” equation. I can enjoy the endless possibilities of having an “AND” mindset. I’m more certain about what I want and closer to defining what I will do to get it. But I still have setbacks where doubt crawls in and shakes the growing roots.

Margaret Lobenstine in her awesome book, “The Renaissance Soul” is teaching me that I can have many interests and that there is a way of unifying them under an umbrella of purpose. In this case, it’s the question I will tackle in an upcoming 30 day challenge… “30 things I CAN do with writing”. If you can image, my mind is a squirrel circus of possibilities right now and I am having a challenge focusing in on a single Vision. Thank God, I felt the urge to look at Ted on LinkedIn today!

I found and read Simon Sinek’s article called  Find” a vision. Not “have” a vision“: Wow, I asked for a sign and there it was… Sinek explained that having a world changing vision just doesn’t occur to everyone, and working to HAVE one really puts nearly impossible expectations on ourselves. He then reminds us that we get inspired by the visions of others, and in my case, often inspired by many visions. Which brings me back to that uncomfortable feeling that I have to choose. So, let’s do what works and review some of the points that came up during the past month.

I discovered a want to inspire others and to do it by sharing what I’ve been learning. Sharing the Ted Talks and books I’m reading has been inspiring to me and I hoped it would be for you as well. This drove an idea that I might one day be a speaker on Ted myself. Only, what would I speak about? I’m still not sure. Doesn’t one need a vision or accomplishment to talk about to inspire others? Well, “YES” does seem to be a logical answer, but what constitutes this accomplishment? Do I have to be accomplished to inspire others? Again, the universe answered… this time with a quote: “There’s no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections.”

On one hand, this unknown author helps me a lot with the permission to be a work in progress and by sharing my progress, I might inspire others on their paths. On the other hand, it makes me question how I’m dealing with my imperfections. Part of me struggles with sharing them for fear that giving them voice will attract more of the same to me. I need to make a choice here too. To continue on this road of self-discovery and allow the epiphanies come and go as they please, or try to control the direction of this journey and risk missing the lesson I am intended to learn. To continue requires faith in the process and a reminder that fear is the only thing that can slow my down my progress, if I let it. Throughout this process, I’ve been learned about many amazing organizations doing absolutely beautiful things for our world and I’ve been inspired to follow in all their footsteps. Which brings us back to making a choice or finding a way to do it all. Right now, sharing stories about these inspirations, these other people’s visions feels like I’m doing it all, in my small way. So, how do I connect this to my concrete needs right now?

I need to generate income from this passion and these visions. I need to put food on the table. I want to find a way to become part of Ted. Which is why I went on LinkedIn this morning, then to the Ted website, then to their job postings… The jobs listed seemed to be unrelated to my circumstance, in that they were only in New York. Then the voices in my head came to life! One shouting “I LOVE NEW YORK! Which for me encapsulates a litany of things I really find awesome about that city: Art, people, style, knowledge, food, and the endless supply of energy! The other voice, as you might guess was the “You can’t do that” choir of one moribund pessimist. Funny how it sounds so much like one of my least favourite comedians, Steven Wright. Even he made it in NY! Oh, right, back to working at TED. I went over the offerings and first was attracted to Administrative Assistant & Researcher – TED Television. I really don’t mind that it’s an entry level job, nor does the need to be “a really excellent note taker” & being “fluent in Hindi & Mandarine is a bonus” worry me much. I just feel they will think I’m nuts for aiming so low.

So, we keep looking and aim higher. Here’s one… Ted Business Curator / Editor. This one really haunts me… it’s falls right into all I’ve been doing for the last year and pulls together much of my work experience. I only need to overcome my imposter syndrome and really want it. All the other details will fall into place. Let’s see some of the scarier & more exciting tasks to be done.

1- Trend Watcher! Been deep in this as part of the marketing research I’ve done for the past ten years or so. I’ve also been using this array of factoids in my brainpan whenever giving away marketing advice.

2- Know Awesome People! Well, knowing is a subjective term. I’ve connected to a quite a few thought leaders and never had any problems speaking to the Big Cheese in any organization. When one is calling with a genuine reason that they can help with, they almost always do.

3- Be A Great Recommender! Feeding the curator, event planners, and hosts of the events. If there is one thing I’m really, really great at, it’s talking about people who I think are amazing… hint, I am passionate about finding something amazing in most people. If I can’t find it, it’s because you must totally suck as a human being.

4- Vet The Cool Stuff! I get to watch all sorts of local Ted talks for the best of the best, then I get to do research on what blew my mind, talk to these new heroes, and all while getting paid. Oh man! I think I just peed my pants a little from excitement!

5- Find Potential Awesome People & Write About Them! Hmmm… getting to know people with great stories to tell, helping them build that into articles and books. Hey, that’s sounds like what I’ve been asked to do for my community magazine, only I don’t have to sell ads at the same time! AWESOME!

6- Other Stuff I Can Do – be a connector, a communicator, a relationship builder, an account manager, a coordinator. I ran my own Talent Agency folks… I managed up to 75 artists and intellectuals at once. I would love to do that with professional thought leaders!

7- Let’s see… what else now???

*Bachelor in Educational specialization – Child Studies. – Focused on Creativity & Development.

*Experienced in communications from Marketing to PR. Both in the corporate world and the entertainment industry.

*Social Media Advisor & WordPress Blogger.

* Fluent in English & French, Functional in Spanish & Italian, Learning others (Arabic & German)

*Team Player – Actually I have defined myself on Linked in with the following catchphrase:Bringing out the best in others brings out the best of myself.

* Shining reasons to grab me now!

I’m a published author of poetry,

I’m an international visual artist with over 500 pieces published.

I have over 25 years experience in business and more training certificates on leadership and communication than I care to remember.

My big Picture instincts have been honed in a variety of industries.

I’m obsessed with TED! Not sure? Really? Have you read my blog yet? It’s all Ted this, and Ted that…

Can you think of any reason I shouldn’t go for it? No, really, I’m ready to debate it… what do you think?

Back to the point of Day 30…  the conclusion of my challenge and what I learned  about what I want. The “Oh, Look A Squirrel” syndrome is sometimes a much better thing than we imagined. For example, I’ve been able to think out several conundrums rattling in my melon and get to a really important idea. In this case, writing and being a multipotentialite could lead me to a career with a company I respect fiercely and would undeniably proud to be contributing to. So, what do I want? I want to continue writing and allowing it to express my dreams, no matter how diverse, elaborate, or simple they may be. I will inspire the world in the way I’m meant to, I will continue loving the learning & experiencing of life, and I will continue writing my way to my next goal.

Ps: If you agree that I could be a good member of Ted, please write to Chris Anderson and tell him you found a dreamer who would make a passionately impressive part of his dream team!

Note: Does anyone have his email? If you are on LinkedIn and using their pro service, you can inMail him for me too.

Or you can send him a ton of Tweets @TEDchris

Please let me know what he says. I really would love to meet him! 


Starting tomorrow, I will be posting a few different things. Some Odds & Ends, an extensive learning arc from T.J. Hoisinton’s “If You Think You Can”, and some stories from “The People In My Neighbourhood”. This is to lead up to my next 30 day challenge… I’m still uncertain if it will be “30 days to Get out of bed with ted” or “All These Bloody Words – 30 Days of Writing on What One Can Do With Writing”.

Please let me know if you are sending endless rheims of beautiful words on my behalf to Chris Anderson, because I will surely choose the Ted topics… You know, for when he reads my blog, decides I’m a genius and calls me to TED!

See you tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Day 30 – What I Want To Do- 30 Days to Clearly Defining It

  1. Loved the article mario. Sorry I can’t help I only have connections to Katie in Montreal who us affiliated with the TED X Montréal


  2. What a wonderful article.
    I enjoyed reading it.
    It’s really great to hear from you.
    Hope all is well with you and the family.


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