I’m about to tell you a story of a very special person who probably will be a little embarrassed to know I’m telling it. You see, she does what she does out of a love and compassion that is inspirational to me. This genuine kindness is the happiness story I’m compelled to tell today.

Every morning this amazing person puts food out for the families of squirrels that visit our backyard. Some of them wait in the trees outside our bedroom window and watch for her to wake up, before running to the backyard for their treats. Some even eat right out of her hands, while resting a small paw on her finger to eat the cookies they love.

This morning was a little different. Last night we had a big Spring blizzard and the fluffy snow was pilled waist high in our yard. After throwing the treats out, our special person noticed they sank deep in the snow, and so did the squirrels when they attempted to dive after the cookies. She jumped back in the house and with obvious and sincere concern told me she was afraid they would drown in the snow and she was going out right away to clear a path for them to get to their cookies. At first I told her that was a little nuts, but soon I realized the amazing thing that was happening here. This is her passion and the love she has for all living creatures, especially the small and helpless ones is her gift. I have no right arguing with such genuine kindness.

So, she got all bundled up in her snow pants, coat, scarf, boots, mitts & hat; grabbed a shovel and jumped into the snow. All much faster than I’ve ever seen her get ready to go out in the winter, I must add. Did I tell you she was on a mission to save the squirrels? She quickly sank up to her waist in the snow and started digging, and pushing the snow away. Overtime she came to a cookie she had tossed in earlier, she retrieved it to put on the clearing she was preparing. This didn’t slow her progress down though, she was on a mission and moving fast. When she came back in, she admitted to me that the whole time she was worried about finding helpless squirrels drowning in the deep snow and that was why she pushed forward with such determination.

Now a little history. Our heroine had a childhood dream of being a veterinarian. As a small child, everyone marvelled at how the street dogs were attracted to her and seemed to love her as much as she loved them. This guided her to considering being a vet. Times were different then and she was counselled to pursue medicine instead. She didn’t like this as much and went in a very different direction altogether, but never gave up her dream to care for animals. There are a few stories of her love of animals and here are just two quick ones. First, a little under two years ago, her cousin adopted an adorable, Persian kitten, but couldn’t keep it because of allergies. Despite already having two challenging cats in our home, she took it in and fell deeply in love with it.  Second, last summer, a small chickadee hit our window. She found it on the ground, made it as comfortable as possible, called the vet, found a rescue centre, and drove nearly an hour away to bring this little life to people who could heal it. She told me all this with wet eyes and for those who know her, that will be no surprise. Just like today, this level of love is a beautiful thing to see.

Cinnamon, her rescued kitten

Now a big purpose. This beautiful person has a dream of opening an animal rescue centre. When she talks about this vision, it is very easy to see her caring for, holding, and loving, helpless little souls in need. With a vision of making this happen as fast as possible, she works hard at her second job that represents a line health and wellness products that fit with her animal safe values. At the same time she works very hard in helping others build their businesses to achieve their own dreams. And if you don’t already see how amazing she is by just these stories, she also manages our little family, taking great care to keep us fed and loved. If you haven’t guessed it already, this amazing person is my wife, Sawsan. And I am very proud to share one of her stories with you today.

If you are moved by this story and would like to help her achieve her dream, please reach out on her Facebook page, or through her business site. Or you can reach out to me and I’ll make sure she gets the message you send her.

Thank you for letting me share this story with you today. Wishing you all an amazing week ahead!

Ps: I hope you enjoy some of the pictures I’m including here today.

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