Law #9 – Creating your own success team

Dale Carnegie is credited for teaching  the leadership concept that there is no such thing as a self made man, someone had to help him along the way, and that’s the central message of chapter 10 in “If You Think You Can”… TEAMWORK! I hope to illustrate why building a team around you is mandatory for your success; even when the main task is to be performed by a single person. Watch Diana Nyad’s Ted talk entitled “Never, ever give up”. While the title & much of the story inspires us with the message that persistence pays off, you will be amazed at how many times Diana mentions and gives thanks to her support team. She often makes it sound like she was hardly there, and it was her team that did what was never done before, not her. She doesn’t even claim to be the leader of her team, merely a member of it. While this may be the sign of a brilliant leader, how does it contribute to creating your own success team?

Step 1 – Acknowledge that you are limited in your abilities and that there are people out there that can compliment your weaknesses towards achieving a common goal of success. Admitting that you can’t do everything frees you to accept help and to learning more skills. You may want to be everything and do everything, but you might consider that getting help could get you there faster.


In sales we often hear the statement: “To be the best, you must do like the best.” Why not share your dream and build the team to make it come true? If you ran a marathon better than everyone else and no one was at the finish line to see it, how would that feel? Wouldn’t it be more fun to share your victory with others? Even the people who cheer you at the end have a role in the sweetness of your victory.

Step 2 – Accept that working with others gives you an added advantage of objectivity & nemonic stimulus. I don’t know about you, but I love brainstorming with others. I believe most of us have such an abundance of knowledge in our heads that we sometimes have a hard time calling it forward. Have you ever said? “I know that. Wait a minute, it’s on the tip of my tongue.” That’s a call for help to recall the memory. We have the talent, we only need the help of differently intelligent people to get to it. Michael Jordan states: “ Talent wins games, but teamwork AND intelligence wins championships.”


In networking, instead of hunting for sales opportunities, find the people in your group who are the best at what they do and ask them how they do it. People tend to like helping, especially when it allows them to talk about themselves. If you are in a BNI where people actively practice what they preach, the giver’s gain attitude will help you find those mentors. Remember, you will be building relationships during this process and being an active listener to the person helping you will also let you know if there is any opportunity for you to help them too. It’s a win-win to work with others.

Step 3 – Collaborate; The sure road to an overwhelming burnout is to walk it alone. “Teamwork divides the tasks and multiplies the success.” The unknown author of this quote was probably also a leader and allowed the credit for it get shared throughout the team he built. Steve Jobs arguably changed the world with his creativity and his imagination, however, when asked how he did it, he said: “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” Do you know what TEAM stands for? It’s Together, Everyone Achieves More.


The subtitle of this book that has so inspired these articles is “The Thirteen Laws That Govern The Performance Of High Achievers.” Amazingly, what Hoisington teaches us in chapter 10 is even more eloquently illustrated in Chapter 6. While working on improving himself he took a chance to reach out to leaders he respected and wanted to learn from, and he ended up working with them to create this bestseller! He reached out to High Achievers, partnered with them, and became a high achiever himself. He still put in the hard work, only the time it took was shorter, because he had the right help & guidance to get there. So, why wouldn’t you build a team? To borrow from the saying “If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, but never change the goal.” Get help to change your plan, and accomplish your goal together.


Write a list of those individuals you desire to associate with. The dream team you want to create that will contribute to the achievement of your most important goals.


Wishing you all a tremendous week!

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