The morning is bright

for our hero this morning

We’ve got the milk drinker

spewing inanities

to the crone who accompanies him.

We’ve got the curly haired lady

wearing sunglasses in the

dimmest corner of the room,

seemingly having a debate

with herself.

We’ve got another auto-conversationalist

sipping his coffee,

polishing his glasses, and stuffing

table refuse into his jacket pockets.

A new man is here today.

New to me anyway

with rounded hat and posture

grey suit and complexion, and

large reddened nose and ears

On could easily see Jimmy Durante

in this person.

Aren’t people great?

by M. Perron (Originally written February 26, 1993)

Notes: Seeing Jimmy Durante in someone? Well, I must have been in a great mood this day!

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