I am overjoyed to speak to you today about Acappella & barbershop, by way of my dear friend, Berel Weiner, President Island City Chorus and the passionate base of his quartet & chorus.

Let me start with paraphrasing Berel’s vision for this joyful musical experience. I only tweaked the words, a little. wink, wink


The Island City Chorus is an all men’s Acappella choir which is part of The Barbershop Harmony Society. We enjoy collaborating with The Acappella Sound Chorus which is an all women’s choir which is part of Sweet Adeline’s International to organize and present Accapella/barbershop events.

Our expectation these events event is to entertain our audience with music performed by quartets and the men’s and the women’s choruses and to offer mini-sessions to teach basic and simple four-part harmony pieces to interested members of the audience. There are no strings attached. We just hope to put smiles on people’s faces and see them enjoying themselves.

My dear friend is a very humble person, can you tell? To get the real feeling for just how much passion he has for barbershop, music, and the arts, you need only ask him about singing once and you know you’re in for an amazing story when you see how much his eyes brighten and his voice raises to the enthusiasm he’s about to share. It’s infectious and he will ask you if you like to sing. After listening to Berel talk about the music, I dare you to say anything other than YES SIR!

Through Berel’s tireless efforts, he has inspired many people to help his passion get shared. Here in Montreal, the Island City Chorus has won positive media coverage and willingly shares it with their sponsors and partners. If you need a boost in your energy, get these gentlemen to sing for you. You won’t want to sit back and watch, you will be singing along, and most likely be asked to join in the fun. Jump in and sing! Carpe Diem!

For those of you not familiar with modern barbershop, it’s quite similar to the high energy performances of modern a cappella groups. Here are a few links to some notable examples: 



There are a whole bunch more to enjoy on their Island City Chorus Facebook Page

If you’d like to learn more about these amazing groups and/or join in the fun, you can reach them any of the following sites:

Island City Chorus Website

Acappella Sound Chorus

Berel has at least a few other passions. For those of you following my The Ladder of Awareness articles, you know he is my trusted mentor as well as my friend. Berel is a trained & experienced teacher on many levels and currently, counts the title of Bilingualism & Communication Coach as one of his more active ones. Folks, he really damn gifted at this too! And, he talks about his clients with more love than you can imagine!

So, if you need help getting your voice heard, reach out to Berel.

If you want to sing, reach out to Berel.

If you want a smile on your face, reach out to Berel.

Berel M. Weiner header

In harmony (I borrowed this closure from Berel),


2 thoughts on “These Are The People In My Neighbourhood – Say Hello To Berel M. Weiner

  1. Hello, I check your blogs named “These Are The People In My Neighbourhood – Say Hello To Berel M. Weiner – The New Renaissance Mindset” regularly.Your story-telling style is witty, keep it up!


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