Part 3 – Sculpture – Faces

After years of making things with self-drying clay and/or found objects, I felt ready to take classes in ceramics. I enrolled at the Visual Arts Centre in a turning class under the tutelage of the amazing Audrey Killoran. I really disliked the wheel. I might have given up entirely on ceramics had it not been for a philosophical comment Audrey made. She said, “to be a good wheel potter one needs to be centered”. I laughed out loud and she asked me why I was laughing; what I told her started me on the path to my love of ceramic sculpture… I told her, “I don’t like being centered, I’m an off-center kind of guy.”

The next day I had switched to hand-building classes and I haven’t looked back since! I had the great pleasure of growing under the generous teachings of Eva Lapka. After two years, Eva suggested I seek my own studio, as I had outgrown what she could teach me at the studio and the school couldn’t accommodate my production levels. She introduced me to my last ceramics mentor, Marie Côté. Marie was a porcelain master. She was deep into her own explorations with sound and instilled in me my passion for explorations in glaze finishes. She allowed me to do things with clay that most of the books told me I shouldn’t. It was Marie’s trust in my knowledge of glazes and clay chemistry that I am most grateful for. According to her, I was helping her inspire her students and they would ask to be present at my kiln openings. I’ll always be grateful to her for that trust.

Over the years, whenever I took a break between series, returned to painting, or just felt like changing directions and exploring, I would turn to making a bunch of faces to get my hands back into the groove of working with the clay.

I’m working my way back to sculpting in a few different materials, and the desire to work with clay has never left me. If you like what you see in my sculptures, please help me build another ceramics studio by donating any sum here, or contributing to my crowdfunding campaign on Patreon @ Even $1 a month helps towards my goals.

I’ve picked a 34 of my favorites for you.

“I believe that I see the whole world looking back at me and I’ve allowed those faces to inspire lot’s of my work.”

Enjoy and please leave your feedback. It is always appreciated.

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