Highlights from the previous week: 

Last week we dove into the imagualization process and found a focal point from which my truth can be accessed. I use that point in meditations now. It connects me to the universe. Here are a few of the things we learned during the process.

  1. Hope is a shared concept
  2. Abundance is infinite. To get it we need to give it. Holding onto it is like damning the flow.
  3. I am in the flow.
  4. Time isn’t linear in the flow.
  5. Imagualization enters us into a peak state that requires no rumination. It just is.

The Current Session


What are the three reasons I will achieve my ideal no matter what?

Note: I defined my ideal today as being a writer. It is my current recurring theme and is the common thread on all the opportunities in my current journey. The answers I give are focused on feelings. Truth lives in feelings more than in thoughts. Feelings have energy.

1) The first reason: It feels damn good! I feel connected when in a sense of accomplishment. I feel open-minded and in a state of learning. I enjoy the humility of being open-minded and see how it brings others to be open to what I wish to share. Being a learner is part of my purpose. Being a sharer of knowledge is my driving purpose for being a learner. Having purpose is my greatest motivator.

2) The Second reason: It gives me practice and reminders for being honest with myself about what I truly want. Doing what I truly want brings me positive feelings and has been opening more doors for me. It feels damn good! I feel in alignment the flow and my purpose. It is very comforting to trust my direction. I am rewarded with good feelings when I turn away request that deviate from my strengths and when I focus on where I can do my best work. I am rewarded with challenges to improve my strengths when I focus on them.

3) The third reason: I feel compelled to walk my talk. This purpose is something I have to do. It’s my opportunity to take my leap of faith. I feel great self-love when I take a leap of faith. It fuels my optimism. I hear the universe telling me I’m good at this from many voices. I want these voices to continue. I hear my voice as the consolidation of my life’s knowledge and experience, telling me this is what I’ve always loved to do. The voices remind me of being in alignment with the flow. It feels really damn good! It propels me forward and gives me a feeling of growth & expansion. It is satisfying and confirms I will never go hungry. It reminds me that the abundance of possible knowledge to gain is infinite.

Note: These three reasons reveal what the Ladder considers The Three Energies of Motivation. So, we now look into the same feelings as energies and strengthen them in our core of self-knowledge. This next question follows quickly after the preceding conversation and brings us into the opening of a new imagualization practice.


What behavior(s) do I anticipate from these three energies that will drive me forward?

My increasing self-awareness is decreasing the time gap between reactions and understanding. These energies are replacing the reactions with understandings. Emotional triggers are being replaced with acceptance and mindfulness.

Imagualization Practice: (best done with eyes closed)

Note: I am writing only what I believe to be the essence of my answers.

Berel: You will enter two wooden doors with the three energies you now carry with you. Through the doors, you encounter The First Energy. What do you see & feel?

Me: I see myself interacting freely with many people. I have all I need to give what is asked of me. I have everything I need to share.

Berel: The Second energy – tell me what you see and feel.

Me: I’m entering a conference room of people who expect me. I feel comfortable. I feel filled and ready to give. I’m radiating a natural energy that attracts only those who need my help. I’m genuinely being myself. I am in a state of being.

Berel: The Third Energy – what do you see and feel?

Me: I’m looking into a social gathering and seeing myself from across the room. I notice I’m being natural, comfortable, and myself. I am attracting people who are also being themselves and who value that state of authentic being. There are natural energy exchanges between us. I feel genuine and approachable. I feel joy from being receptive.

End Notes:

Once we become aware of ourselves, our self-defeating traits lose their power and are more easily replaced with strong habits.

When we feel in the flow, we feel that we are always giving and receiving simultaneously. There is no time or space, everything is at once.

Please leave your feedback and questions in the comments. I look forward to hearing from you.


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