Sometimes writing is so much fun and quite profitable too!


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5 thoughts on “A little validation that writing is good for me!

  1. Writing is a commendable activity that should be purposed to open up new mental faculties in us.

    This is the biggest advantage we have over our long-gone ancestors who only had the wild expanse to meditate upon.
    Know what I mean?

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    1. I do understand what you mean. I often reflect on what is gained by the written word. Better and more accurate archives, perhaps. I also wonder what may have been lost as we put less importance on the spoken word. What wisdom are we losing in the non-verbal expression of the storyteller. We retain information with all our senses, so what might we be loosing when all we have left is the written word?

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      1. I don’t know who said it, perhaps Ester Hicks in her Law of Attraction lessons, that appearance is perspective, thus coloured by the viewers interpretation and experience.
        In educational theory we are often taught the concept that effective communication is a dialogue between teacher and pupil. It cannot happen without the active participation of both parties. It’s a sharing of energy that connects what is taught to what is learned.
        From my perspective, it is what compels me to share what I read. I need the energy to flow and exchange.
        Does this make sense?

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      2. It makes much sense to me. This is true wisdom to recognize that for any communication to achieve its purpose and more there has to be the air of ” Teacher-Student” relationship.

        This is the meaning of true spirituality among humans.

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