Crescent Cardboard Sheets:

The Review:

I’ve had leftover sheets from a variety of sources, including reused packaging materials, but the colors often get muted or the paper falls apart under the acrylic and water.

So I splurged on some professional paper and got excellent color retention and absorption.

If you look hard enough and want to spend a fortune, you can get different paperboard thicknesses and colors.

While not my favorite material to work on, it worked very well with the dry pastels I was using. The smooth surface held the color nicely, but was very easy to smudge, even after a coat of spray on varnish.

It warped a little under a collage treatment, but the Mod Podge held well.

3 thoughts on “My Favourite Art Supplies: Do You Want To Play With Paperboard?

  1. You are funny – if u want to “spend s fortune” – hah – and some have bigger budgets than others – but it sounds like an ice medium and also sounds like it matched your artist interests at this time. 😉

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    1. I understand your comment about budget very well.
      I’ve found treasures at dollar stores, begged for scraps from local manufacturers, and even recycled materials into canvases and paper-board.
      My recommendations are suggestions of what is working best for me at this time.
      If I was only pushing product placements for affiliate bucks, I’d push every Moleskine paper product, only Prismacolor Pro series markers and pencils, or Van Gogh Pro pigmented oil paints.
      In over 35 years of experimenting, I’ve been blessed to experience tons of different materials and I can comfortably say that quality materials do make a difference… at least for me.
      Would you be so kind as to consider answering the question I pose on each of my Saturday Supplies articles, What materials do you use?

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