I ask and guide people to answer every question that begins with “Have you considered…?”

People often ask me what do I do for a living. Until today, this question has often overwhelmed me and caused me tons of anxiety. How the hell can I answer this clearly and succinctly when I have a list of abilities, accomplishments, and interests that never stop growing?

About a year ago I started to embrace the idea that I am a Multipotentialite. For those of you not familiar with the term, please visit Emilie Wapnick’s TedTalk. The term is for people who do and love doing many, many different and connected things. Like me.

So do I define myself professionally as a salesman, marketer, business developer, management consultant, content developer, talent manager, advertiser, writer/author, editor, board director, teacher, life coach, artist, or blogger? How do I tie them all together into who I am?

One of my mentors called me a successographer and my consulting personality moved to the front with the catchphrase: “I transform your journey of success into words and emotions that exponentially inspire and spread!”

A little over two months ago I was invited to join a Think Tank in developing a whole new type of consulting firm to be called Management Group International. This group is comprised of international business consultants, market development specialists, high-tech gurus & geniuses, inventors, investment gurus, artists, journalism and media experts, and venture capitalists. The firm’s mission is to supply the organizations it serves with the strategy it needs for success in any venture. While I pondered what role I would have in such a group, my humility and insecurity often battled for who could define a lower value to my possible contributions to such a laudable group. Today this changed. 

On a long drive, I found myself replaying several interactions with my group of mentors and it suddenly occurred to me what I do consistently that characterizes the value proposition I bring to the table: I offer possibilities from a different perspective. I always inspire a relationship-building conversation with my desire to understand and help you with your needs.

So, if you need help solving a challenge or want an interactive sounding board for your thoughts, please reach out to me and get ready for me to ask you: “Have you ever considered…?”

Sincerely yours,



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