OSHO:  Awareness: The Key to Living in Balance

Insight for a new way of living

I’m not sure how much of Osho’s keys to balanced living I’ve incorporated into my life yet, but I have a much better feeling about them. I say feeling because what I do understand feels like the release of self-forgiveness. It feels very good!

Osho starts his elaborate presentation of both sides of our being, often as extremes of reality and fantasy, or as he calls them awareness and being asleep. He brought me on an unconscious journey into the essential interrelation of my inner and outer selves. I seldom knew I was getting to a new signpost until I was right on it and found myself vocally expressing many “wows”.

It is absolutely clear how asleep I have often been and when I have actually been truly awake. He clarified something I’ve recently discovered; once we become aware of our habits, triggers, and thoughts, it takes a force of will to ignore them. He even gave me tips on how to know when I am trying to ignore them. It’s now clear that awareness grows the more we allow ourselves to look inwards.

I couldn’t possibly sum up this book in a short review and I am certain I will continue realizing and what I’ve learned for a long time to come.

His teachings are very similar to time release medication; the effects are felt in different ways over time. His writing is challenging if you give up too quickly; You may feel he is rambling around some point when very suddenly it hits home and you are blown away by the epiphany.

Overall it’s a shortish book, but challenging to read through quickly. I had to pause on every page when I realized something deeply interesting about myself and people in general. I chose to read it with an open-mind because his style is quite confrontational and may be perceived as a little condescending to some. Many of the concepts are symbolic and he freely and creatively adds exaggeration for effect, that’s surprisingly what I liked so much about his style.

I did my best to not gush spoilers for those curious about this book, and if I haven’t piqued your curiosity, I found in these pages the simplest and clearest tips to true mindfulness and awareness meditation. I am starting to see why Osho is considered more than a guru, he is a modern prophet. I highly recommend this book, especially if you have already read Eckhart Tolle or other books on mindfulness. It also clarifies much of what I’m learning while listening to The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and The Abraham Hicks books on Law of Attraction.

I can’t wait to read more of his books.

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