Part 8 – Exploring Wabi-Sabi

The Wikipedia description fits best for this period of play I call My Wabi-Sabi.

I embarked on a creative journey of seeking beauty in the imperfect. It’s here that the study of kiln errors, firing mistakes, Raku finishes, and breaking the rules came together the most. These are all done in an electric kiln and my goal was to as closely as possible achieve rake finishes. The next step from this will be work done in alternate & low fired kilns. For now, please enjoy some of these results… ps: I have quite a few effects that I can only guess at the strange mix of materials used to achieve them.

For this next series of explorations, I will be writing a little differently. I’ve cut out much of the extras and given a more focused view of my influences and inspirations.

I’ve also taken out the history behind each piece, as they share a collective history. A deep and ongoing desire to achieve Wabi-Sabi, through the exploration of Raku finishes, all done in an electric kiln.

For those of you who study ceramics, you know electric kilns are made for a more precise finishing and despite the occasional kiln error, most of what comes out is clean and somewhat predictable.

With the permission and occasional guidance of my glaze master, I bent (and often broke) the rules of glazing, all to achieve finishes one sees in the rake firing process. It is my hope it has brought me closer to Wabi-Sabi.

I’m excited to share them with you and look forward to hearing your feedback and questions.

Ps: If you are impatient and want to see all the work right away, just click Exploring Wabi-Sabi.

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