Monday’s Movers – Richard Tardif Part 2 – Embrace Your Denial to Stop It

Author: Richard Tardif

Book: Stop Your Denial: A Case For Embracing The Truth About Fitness

I had the great opportunity to proofread an early edition of Richard’s book and dig deep Into the message he is sharing with undeniable passion. What I got was a common sense perspective on health and wellness, as well as one of the best lessons on journalistic critical thinking. This final edition is filled with so much more, here you find much-needed information and you all enjoy discovering the personality of the man who has become my friend and mentor.

I first met Richard a little over a year ago when I was seeking advice and guidance from The Expert on journalism in Quebec. That first conversation was scheduled for thirty minutes and lasted well over three hours. We talked about the state of global journalism today, Montreal’s business atmosphere, and many, many other interests. Richard shared his passion for genuine wellness that grows stronger by the day. Being a respected and celebrated fitness journalist for most of his writing career is only the tip of the iceberg for Richard.

You’ll start the book with a taste for his voice and read how a personal event a few years back propelled him into some self-evaluation that germinated the seeds of an amazing book idea. Thus was Stop the Denial born.  But first, how about a little more about the writer himself? He is an old world journalist: honest, certain, and clearheaded (about everyone else except himself, but aren’t we all like that?), forthrightly opinionated, irascible, and committed to getting the story right!  I can see him in a smokey bar, sitting at a table of greasy, fedora-wearing journalist-curmudgeons, discussing the ills of the world over some throat-wracking bourbon and cheap cigarettes. As with all these endearing grumps, he has a very tangible and sympathetic heart to share with the readers. Richard Tardif, the proud journalist, lives in the service of others and it is one major key to his success.

He may cringe at my previous run-on paragraph because he demonstrates excellent writing skills and more tips on writing than the extended edition of Strunk & White’ s Elements of Style. In this book, he goes further and not so subtly teaches us the truth about the Health Industry and gives easily applicable techniques to stay healthier. One of them is currently keeping this writer’s ass from dying. Read through and you won’t miss it!

Mr. Tardif could possibly be described as a compulsive researcher, always offering several corroborating sources for his statements.  He demonstrates his extensive knowledgeable on the benefits of healthy eating, mental wellness, and regular exercise, and he uncovers all this to the joyful discomfort of popular media, or so he says in taunting them to criticize his findings at several points in the book. He presented wellness as realizable habits for those of us living the busy “50+ years” lifestyle. I think his aim is faulty in that his teachings are not limited to this age group. They can easily apply to everyone.

Filled with deeply personal anecdotes and a loving respect for his subjects, there are so many simple tips on being well. So beautifully explained that I found myself very often uttering The “aha” moment sounds: “Hunh, that makes so much sense!” Then, to my further surprise, I felt the urge to get down and try his suggestions, with the immediate results of a clear mind and much fewer aches than expected. We all know about the excuses we make to avoid working out. Even the image of working out makes me cringe, but doing a hip raise doesn’t sound so bad, and I can do it in the privacy of my own home. With witty, conversational style, he lets us know all the benefits of these simple exercises, all the muscles being activated and how much blood gets pumped through our bodies thanks to activating the biggest muscles we have. In case you didn’t know it, the biggest is our ass and it needs immediate focus! If that isn’t enough, he fascinates with his assertion that most of us have dead butts from sitting on them all day. Who wants to think they have a dead ass? That doesn’t sound sexy at all!

Every chapter gives us similar epiphanies as the book is packed with more delicious stories tied to teaching fitness and wonderfully compelling exercises that are habit-forming, in the right direction. He gives more in elaborating on the teachings of other fitness trainers and thought leaders, then tying them into important mental & emotional wellness concepts and motivational techniques. (Time for a blatant plug.) I strongly recommend reading the book to get them all.

Richard Tardif is a passionate and experienced personal trainer, specializing in helping the over 50 crowd, but he regularly works with other specialists and his personal approach is beneficial for anyone needed to kickstart their journey to fitness and wellness. He has over thirty years experience as a fitness and wellness journalist to back all his academic knowledge and a very healthy cynicism towards the Health Industry. He also has a very loyal following of clients for whom he’s helped develop wellness lifestyles they live daily, some of them are in his book too.

The conclusion of the book leaves us with two encouragements:

1 – “We all know what fit and healthy is.”

2- “I’m not letting the government off the hook, that’s for the next book”

Richard Tardif is the coach we all need: a compassionate and knowledgeable defender of what’s right for us. Get in the same corner and get ready to benefit from his teachings.

You can contact (or stalk) Richard Tardif, get tips on fitness and news on his next book on his blog @

Humbly yours,

Mario MJ Perron


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