My head is unsure this is where I am.

And my gut’s discomforted at not wanting to lose.

Perhaps the moment feels like I love to Lose.

I tend to give in to other’s opinions,

want to avoid all confrontations,

listen to my self-defeating voice to justify not speaking up…

to avoid the possibility of having to defend my opinions…

You know what?

It’s only my opinion and these are based on my current experience.

How beautiful can it be to learn more than what I already do?

I call myself a learner and strive to live a growth-mindset,

so right or wrong,

I will win and learn from expressing myself.

WOW, I just felt a rush to my head… a feeling of joy and elation.

Remember Mario,

when the urge to argue someone’s point of view,

I can always choose to ask them:

“How so?”

and then listen for the learning moment.

I will learn something new,

or that I am correct,

or that I can choose empathy towards the person in front of me,

or something unexpected…

in all cases,

I can learn something that helps me grow!!!

So, where do I want to be?

A Love to Win!

I win by learning!

The growth mindset always gives me a win!

I love to win!

by M. Perron (originally written on April 13th, 2017)


Building the framework for personal development often brings us through many theories and methods. Here we decide where we are in the present only… from here we grow on…

Special thanks to my friend, Berel Michael Weiner, who put me on this new path of self-awareness… I am so grateful to be climbing The Ladder with his help.

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