Prang Oval Pan Watercolor Set:

The Review:

You can use tubes if you want to prepare your palette ahead of time, but I like the simplicity of using galettes instead. This set offers an added bonus that the paint seems to dry with a slight gloss to it. The browns were particularly beautiful to use. Also, as long as you are using good paper, you can come back after the semi-dry point and thin out the coats for additional effects. These are awesome to work with if you need a limited range of colors.

It’s easy to carry around and use for on the spot sketching.

You can up the ante with buying bigger sets and kits, spend a fortune on brushes, and go crazy figuring out masks and varnishes, or just get this kit and play. It may not be enough to make several large paintings, but if you are into small ones, you will be good for a while. It’s inexpensive enough to buy yourself a backup set.

When you are really comfortable with watercolors, then jump to more professional sets. You can even get some that have suggested pallets.

Here are two highly rated sets I’ve found:

1- White Night Artists Watercolour set 36 whole pans, plastic box


2- Holbein Watercolour Set: Palm Plastic Case: 36 Half Pans


I currently have this nifty little travel kit by Windsor & Newton and love the colors that come with it… I haven’t used it enough yet to need to buy extra colors.


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