This past week I won my 500th subscriber and I am very grateful to all of my followers for getting me there. It popped up in an email and gave me a pause to breathe and reflect on the last year, or more specifically the last few months activities.

A reflection on blogging:

I recently heard a blogger on the CBC talk about how she listened to Podcasts at least 8 hours a day. Not being a great multitasker myself, I listened closely to her explanation of how she did it. She explained that while searching for prompts and content for her journalism contracts, she built up the habit over a few years and suddenly realized she had become addicted to having podcasts running in the background instead of radio or music. My first thought was, I listen to music in the background while I write, maybe I can also switch to podcasts… gradually. Then I looked at what I do to fill my curiosity and support my fellow bloggers. I read anywhere from 10 to 30 posts a day. I wasn’t writing about what I read and giving myself excuses why I didn’t at least comment on those posts I really liked. I’m changing that habit, by the way. That is why more of you are seeing my comments. If you don’t, but see my “Like”, know that I read and did like it. I’ll work harder on leaving comments.

A reflection on excuses:

I currently feel this is a somewhat valid one, to be honest: “Time constraints”. I refuse to say I’m all over the place or that I’m doing too much. I choose to see it as embracing opportunities and riding them to their natural conclusions. Having said that, I acknowledge that I could structure my day a little better to prioritize what really moves me forward and does justice to the time my followers gift me with their comments. I’m a work in progress folks, and I’ve started to apply my desire to be more Kaisen to own blog.

In my defense, here is a partial list of what I’m currently working on, planning, and contemplating:

Writing, Editing, & Influencing @

The New Renaissance Mindset (Blogger)

La Metropole (English Content Editor-In-Chief)

Management Group International (VP Content Development & Director of the Board)

Creating Art @

Arts M. Perron (Multidisciplinary Artists)

FOUND (Art & Decor Store)

Fundraising @

The Great Russian Ballet

The Creative Process  (Publishing Project)

John Abbott College Foundation (New GoFund Me Campaign coming soon)

Club Zone Lachine  (New GoFund Me Campaign coming soon)

There are a few others, including higher-education, nano-tech coatings, superior water purification systems, and a project to clean the oceans of plastics. I will only write about them when they are launched. Well, life is an exciting adventure, if nothing else.

Ok, I’m done bragging and want you all to know that I am deeply grateful to all of you here at WordPress for your support and for helping me feed my insatiable curiosity. Since I embarked on this blogging adventure my life has become vastly richer in experience and opportunity. The future is wide open and I’m stepping forward each day!

Thank you,


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