Michelangelo was once asked what inspired such amazing sculptures. His reply was something along the lines that he imagined the sculpture was already in the material and all he had to do was remove that which wasn’t part of it.

R-Emergence #6This quote has haunted, intrigued, and inspired me for as long as I can remember. The challenge posed by it is to have faith in the process and in your skills. The work already exists within. Be it in the material, or in the mind that has spent a lifetime formulating the image. The work is there somewhere and needs to be set free.

I extrapolated this concept to the ideas for my Emergence sculptures. They are emerging from some primary material; growing out of a natural rock, if you can imagine it as such. Combine this mission-vision-goal with my near obsession with Inuit transformation sculptures and a growing confidence in the clay’s mutable properties, and VOILA!  These many forms emerged from my imagination.

I’m deeply grateful that this series connected with so many collectors over the years, as only a few highly cherished ones remain in my collection.

I hope you enjoy them and feel welcome to share your impressions of them.

The majority of the collection can be found at Arts M.Perron.

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