Why do I love having my mindset shaken?

In his awesome article: “What can we learn from people who succeed later in life?” , researcher , Albert-László Barabási, shook the dust of a personal conundrum: How do I figure out why I’ve not had wild success in my recent business ventures? I didn’t clearly identify my reason for doing them.

Of course it’s business, so we can all agree that making money is part of it, but that rarely inspires the “WHY” as defined by Simon Sinek, does it? Not al all, in my case. In fact, I’ve often spent hours debating myself over the whole issue of how to charge for what I do, assigning monetary value to my work, and mostly come up more frustrated than I care to admit. However, I know see the reason remains that I didn’t write down my inspiration for doing the work in the first place. That inspiration is my “Why”, my Q-factor.

Without that clearly in front of the work, how can I inspire others to see the value in my work? I’m not sure I can. It’s the whole self-confidence, believe in yourself and others will believe in you thing. That’s part of what the article demonstrates: all these super-successful people who came to success later in life discovered and more importantly accepted their true passions before finally being successful. So, how does this look to searchers like you and me? Well, here’s my take on it.

Start by looking at all that inspires you, write them down, if you can. Then ask and answer why these things inspire you in as much detail as possible and with feeling. In these feelings are your true passions, your true reasons, your own “WHYs”. That is where you begin to inspire others to contribute to your success. In the terms of Law of Attraction, express what inspires you to do what you do and you will attract those who are inspired (and want to buy) what you are doing.

When I decided to return to school for my teaching degree in Art Education, I went through some anxious moments of doubt. Why was I really doing this? It had to be much more than it was a pragmatic career choice that gave me security. It had to be more than the compliments from my awesome sisters about being a natural teacher. It turns out it was something I’ve often miss-associated with ego and I’m grateful to Mr. Sinek for defining it better than I ever have: “I want to inspire others to do what inspires them.”

This rang true as soon as I read it and my inner voice started telling me all it’s “I told you so’s”. This is why I love consulting and how I consult. This is what I do when teaching, writing, parenting, listening, creating, and studying. I am addicted to inspiring others. I love it. It’s my Why, my Q-factor. So, now I am looking at my actions through a clearer lens and accepting that I’m inspired by the opportunity to inspire. I’m letting this personal truth guide my path and actions. It will inevitably lead me to results that inspire. I’m so happy that it’s never to late to learn and get inspired.

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