I’m lead to believe from all the books I’ver read on self-improvement, that most of us really don’t see ourselves as we truly are. This self-distortion emanated from us, and influences how others see us, thus authenticating our self-perception while further concretizing a corrupted self-perception. It’s a vicious circle that always starts from within us, so we should be able to turn that around to our advantage.

Show the world what you want them to see and they will reflect that image back at you to strengthen how you wish to be seen. On and on it will go.

This character has some deep self-image issues. To be honest, there are times I see myself this flawed and incomplete. The grotesque that resides in my self-doubt is currently blurred, as if this were another’s self-portrait. It’s on a path to improve its self-image and the first steps have the old ugly one much less in focus.

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