Another self-portrait? Not entirely. The figure is decidedly choosing the perspective from which it is looking at itself. Removed and from above, it can safely criticize itself and feel simultaneously better than the subject and worst about themselves. it begs the answer to the question “are we ourselves?” This odd figure, with its Ichabod Crane features (minus the exaggerated Adam’s apple) might be a central character in the cast that makes up our complex personalities. It is only cowardly due to fear, self-doubt, and emotional frailty. A really pitiful person and one we can honestly pity for its self-loathing and self-imposed isolation.

The blue ahead is meant to indicate the contradiction that always exists in this sort of personage: they are always hopeful for a brighter future. The brown is their past full of regret.

Side note: Ok, I know I’ve been in a dark mood lately, but I really don’t feel remotely as bleak as this guy! Describing his, actually makes me feel more grateful and happier.

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