I was doing a little research on some abstract cubism and came across a bunch of loosely figurative paintings. I was amazed at the expressiveness they offered. I was immediately drawn in to the possible stories the figures were living and enjoyed them extensively.

The more minimalist ones offered the greatest room for me to add my own stories to them. I decided to play this mood.

This sketch will probably be much more in line with my vision when done in oil on a large canvas. The brown will become a bright mustard yellow, and the white will be muted with unbleached titanium and the Payne’s grey that is so enjoyable to use in mixing for shadows and contrasts. Her dress will look more like a full length dress when the paint is subtly mixed. The feel of her having a wasp like figure will remain, but the legs will no longer have an insect like feel to them.

The figure here is all about attitude. She entered the frame with power and takes over the room. She doesn’t stop to pose, nor does the crowd perceive her to stop. She is a force of nature that fills there space and time she is there, and after she’s passed through, the crowd is left with a feeling that something celestial has passed by.

See More at Arts M.Perron: http://www.1-mario-perron.pixels.com 

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