“Don’t prove yourself everywhere! Sometimes trying to prove that you are the best is an insult!” From funsubstance.com  

I’ve been debating this one in my head for a while now. I have come to the realization that I need to accept what this quote is absolutely not saying. It’s not saying it’s ok in any way to not prove myself anywhere! This isn’t a call to procrastinate. This is also not a message to the inexperienced, the under-qualified, or the untalented. Neither the person who has never picked up a paint brush, nor a Michelangelo level painter need apply to this contest. 

In this case, I believe we must look at the proving of oneself. As an opportunity to grow and improve ourselves. In other words, you are competing with who you were yesterday, not with anyone else. Conversely, you need to be aware of the inner voice’s intention. Are you psyching yourself out with self-criticism? Is it because you don’t want to take the challenge? Why? Or, is it because you know truly yourself and don’t feel any current need to grow what the other wants? 

(In my case, this is a recurring conversations about leaning more about computer programming or the ability to fix most tech in general. I honestly couldn’t have a lower interest in the world. I have made this clear to those who ask about it, but they don’t hear that I just want to use this tech, not build with it. That’s their stuff to deal with, not mine. I choose not to prove myself there.)

There are places where we will probably always have to chose to prove ourselves, such as, The Job. Again, if someone asks you to prove yourself, do your best to embrace the challenge as an opportunity to grow. If the person who asked you to prove yourself then give no feedback, either because you didn’t ask for it, or they are just jerks, you can decide to decline the next time, but explain that you look for opportunities to improve yourself and seek feedback to help guide your growth. Again, this is a choice. 

Where do you not need to prove yourself?

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