“When thinking about life, remember this; No amount of guilt can change the past. No amount of anxiety can change the future.” By unknown

Funny that I was having a conversation on this concept with my Mom the other day. I was expressing how I am emotionally tired of worrying about everything and decided to eliminate worry from my life. I may not be there yet; It’s a process, my friends, and I’m progressing every day. 

I feel I have focussed on regrets and desires more often than gratitude. I have to admit that gratitude is a trigger word for me and often links itself easily to guilt: Am I ungrateful? Well, yes, sometimes. Am I ungrateful to others? Not really, and definitely not consciously. Am I ungrateful to myself? Yes! The only remedy I have found in dissipating these feelings is to remind myself of an unshakable fact… that I am where I am right now, because if I weren’t, I’d be somewhere else. There’s the beauty of the obvious for you again. If you need some scientific truth, go find it. As far as I know, no two objects can occupy the same space at the same time, and no one object can occupy different spaces at one time. If I’m misunderstanding the physics of this, I’m sorry, but I don’t know how it changes the argument. 

Where was I again? Oh yes, in the NOW. Over and over again, I read how we can no more change the past, than accurately predict every possibility of the future, so why focus on them. Living happens in the present… ONLY! Nothing changes what’s happened. We can only make the choice to accept it and learn from it. We can only react to the past. We can only act now. We can’t act tomorrow, but we can plan to act tomorrow. With this in mind, we need to accept that an infinite number of things might change our plans, so worrying about them all really is a form of action that will fill our time until the planned time to act tomorrow has arrived. In the meantime, you may have missed some awesome living presents from the now. 

Where are your feelings right now: in the past, future or present? What does that feel like?

2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Triumphs #8: Guilt & Anxiety are not real!

  1. I guess we live in a society that pushes us towards regrets and anxiety. There is so much required from all of us that we go through life wishing more than acting freely. And it is true about the process. It is long but worth it.. I was there too.. but I had more regrets then anxieties.. the moment you realize you can’t do anything to change the past, is the start of freedom

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