That’s right! “Le Lab”, the Maker Space at Dorval Elementary will be helping the kids make homemade string instruments…

A call-out to the community to have some fun helping the kids!!!

The grade 4 to grade 6 kids (9 to 12-year-old makers) at Dorval Elementary will be making electric cigar box guitars and then we’ll be hosting a local music celebrity to teach them how to play them. 

Who knows, you MIGHT be seeing this at your kids school too, in the very near future!

This is a Sustainable Art Project for us and we really need your help with some of the reclaimed materials. 

Only a few components are being bought new… kid-friendly pick-up and jack kits…

For this project we are asking for donations of:

  1. Old Cigar Boxes
  2. Broken guitars
  3. Guitar strings (used or new)
  4. Old broom handles
  5. Old wooden baseball bats
  6. We’d gladly take a few amps too.

You can drop off your donations at Dorval Elementary (c/o Le Lab) @ 1750 Carson Ave, Dorval, Quebec H9S 1N3 (Or mail them in, if you so desire.)


Send me a message in the comments for more details… If you want the message to stay private, just let me know and I won’t publish it.

We have a deadline on this and need the materials by December 1st, if possible.


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