How do I tie together Grafitti and Cubism??? I know; Marc Chagall. Well, that’s how I see it.

While the kids were out at recess, I gave each a big piece of construction paper (14″ x 17″) and a bowl of oil pastels. I queued up a fun video: “Marc Chagall Drawing Lessons“.

They came in, settled down for a minute, and started asking me what was next. I spend the video screen, questioned them about the ok-ness of making mistakes and how working with them can make their art very unique, and pressed play.

They guided the pauses of the video and it was often to share what their progress. The running commentary was about the goat: what it a pony, a goat, or something else. This discussion was inspired by a comment in the video about it being any sort of animal.

They got really messy with this one and some even tried blending the colours by smudging them with a tissue or their fingers.

The end results are spectacular!!! ( I suspect the fact that II let them watch Pink Panther cartoons doing some snack times had some influence on the faces… can you see Bog Nosed in some of these?)


4 thoughts on “Marc Chagall’s Goat and Face – First Grader Style

      1. I agree. I found that the less we constrain their imaginations with concepts of perfection, the more they surprise us with authentic expressions.
        I’m not expecting representational art, rather I encourage for expressive art. They interpreted my words in their own mantra: “art comes from the heart”.

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