• ThemePanic to Power – Your journey through Covid:  You are invited to create a unique artwork of your own design that expresses how you feel about the last two years of Covid and what it feels like to come out of this pandemic. This will be part of the Mental Health Month in May 2022.
  • Method of the artwork: Your artwork can be a drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, photographe, or other (based on teacher approval – See Week 1 notes about idea approval)
  • Materials: You can make this artwork with various materials of your choice.
  • Process Documentation: There will be weekly assignment folder in Google Classroom where you will be able to record and submit your progress of the artwork and develop your artists statement for the art show. (Mrs. Allard & I will help you with this along the way.)
  • Benefits to the community: Your artwork will join those of many students from PCHS, John Rennie,  & St-Thomas. You will be adding your voice, your feelings, your perceptions and your experiences about living through a pandemic. This will help us all understand this experiences we all shared. 
  • Benefits to you: In doing this work, you will be allowed to use it to replace the monthly homework for April & May, or as a double bonus work (2 points) for this term. ALSO, for those who are thinking of continuing in the arts, you will have the GREAT advantage over other applicants to the colleges of having been in a real art show!!! 
  • Encouragements: This is your expression so put your heart into it, let your artistic voice heard and have fun with this experience!
  • The Show: Your. artwork will be in the Vida Viva art gallery (https://www.vivavidaartgallery.com), on display to the visiting public May 13th to 19th. It then moved back to the school where it is currently in a gallery hall near the administration’s offices.

For the most part, the students worked on their own and from home… we were there to mentor and advise… and maybe to nudge and motivate a little, but the ideas and artworks were all by them… The students were in all the grades (7 to 11) from Pierrefonds Community High School. A few are missing from this spot, as I didn’t get clear pictures. The students worked in all sorts of paint and inks for their 2D work, and we had two Papier Mache & assemblage sculptures, as well as one student’s grad dress that she designed and sew herself!

For my part, I am more proud of them and impressed in then than I can muster words for. The night of the opening, the students were prepared to discuss their processes and the meanings of their artwork. The gallery owners were impressed, as were parents, teachers, school board directors, fellow students, and the general visiting public! A few students got offers on their work, and one even got offered a job at the gallery for her amazing ability to talk about artworks.


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