The graduating class (Grade 11) of visual arts students at Pierrefonds Community High School were given a particular challenge this year… To leave a piece of themselves behind that will both express their growth while here and inspire future students coming to our school…

It all started with the following statement & question…”In a few short months, you will be graduating from PCHS. This is a community many of you have been a part of for the past 5 years. This place and the people in it have contributed to who you are today, AND you have had an important impact on this community. Over the next several weeks, you will be developing a special self-portrait that will join those of your Sec V classmates in a collective mural  and remain at school for future students to admire and be inspired. These self-portraits will tell people who you were and what the school meant to you.  ARE YOU READY TO LEAVE YOUR MARK ON PCHS?

Over the next nine weeks, my students explored various art movements (Cubism, Neo-Expressionism, Graffiti, and Street Art); unpacked various expressions of self-portraiture; designed and practiced a multitude of art elements and principles; and designed & built their personal artworks using assemblage techniques. 

What will follow over the next two posts are their reflections (which eventually contributed to an elaborate IB-MYP process journal). It was a major project and contributed heavily to their final grades for their last term at this school… the results were extraordinary! 

Post 1 contains some of the reflections  that went into their process: inspirations, research, sketches, etc…

Post 2 will contain most of the final pieces, including an idea of how the artwork is displayed. 

Stay tuned…


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