“Aesthetic Explorations Through Arts & Design”

I'm continuing to think out loud here... please feel free to chime in... As you know, I've been considering the branding of my artwork and other creative projects. Arts MPerron doesn't feel like it covers my past creative explorations, much less all the new projects I've got underway. MPerron Creations feels like it encompasses the … Continue reading “Aesthetic Explorations Through Arts & Design”

Book-Binding While Isolated at Home

Covid-19 has motivated a few changes to my habits and expectations. At the time of writing this (March 18th, 2020), my University (Concordia U. BFA in Art Education) classes are on hold and I'm not sure how this shutdown will delay my progress through the program. I've been able to get quite a few smaller … Continue reading Book-Binding While Isolated at Home

Sawsan’s Elephant – She says it’s done!

It's been about three weeks since I touched this painting. Partially because I haven't had as much time to focus on it, and partially due to not being sure what more to add. I still wanted to make the skin more muted and grey, but just couldn't visualize it. Sawsan has been looking at it … Continue reading Sawsan’s Elephant – She says it’s done!

People of Some Distinction – A New Series

Born from paintings I saw on a trip to the Dominican Republic (eons ago) and a desire to evolve my People of the land series, I created this new series. I have to be honest, it's been sitting in the current state in my storage room for over a year and I finally pulled it … Continue reading People of Some Distinction – A New Series

Chrysalis Teapot

This started with soft scraps of clay and transformed into a teapot. My amazing daughter was with me in the studio and she added the butterflies. The glaze was a Cone 6 creme that didn't like the stoneware clay body very much. it was painted on, instead of being dipped. I also painted a manganese … Continue reading Chrysalis Teapot

Shared Lines

What I Learned In Class This Week... Another strange and wonderful homework from my drawing teacher this week. He asked us to create a drawing where all the lines were shared. I guess he saw the completely blank stares of many of my classmates, because he proceeded to explain and draw an example of a … Continue reading Shared Lines

My Favourite Street

What I learned in Class this Week.... We have been exploring different ways of teaching art and exciting the students to look at there world differently. One of the goals is to establish a safe classroom where there is no wrong answer and no self-expression is bad. There's a little more to it, but that's … Continue reading My Favourite Street

The Self-UnPortrait

What I learned in school this week... We were given only one prompt for this activity: "Shoot a self-portrait where you aren't directly in the shot." Of course hands flew up and questions were rapidly fired at the teacher, but he simply replied "you decide" and the questions stopped. Through the class discussion that followed … Continue reading The Self-UnPortrait

Myself, as a tree

What I learned in class this week... Imagine walking into class; the tables are on the sides and two long stops of brown paper have been taped to the floor. At the head of the class is a table covered in drawing materials. The only instructions we see at this point are signs on the … Continue reading Myself, as a tree

The Silhouette Project – An different way to work with a live model

What I learned in school this week... Another amazing and surprising lesson on seeing and observing in our drawing class. We were told we would be making silhouettes and cutting them out of large sheets of black paper. We had the option of articulating them like shadow puppets. That was all I got from the … Continue reading The Silhouette Project – An different way to work with a live model