A Brilliant Story About True Friendship

Book Review: Nugget and Fang: Friends Forever--or Snack Time? by Tammi Sauer I feel the target is mainly preschoolers, but I'd read this one to my fellow teachers in university! We are all deep in conversations about equality and inclusion these days and this wonderful story shows us the very important lessons about systemic racism … Continue reading A Brilliant Story About True Friendship


A Traditional Fable in Contemporary Wrappings

Book Reviews: Caps For Sale: A tale of a Peddler, Some Monkeys, and Their Monkey Business by Esphyr Slobodkina I feel I've seen this one sometimes ago in my own childhood. A very simple tale with lots of repetition and an uncertain meaning. Great way to start a conversation with kids.... sometimes. As a teaching … Continue reading A Traditional Fable in Contemporary Wrappings

Tears of joy

Book Review: You Made Me A Dad by Laurenne Sala What a wonderful book to read your child... of any age! I loved sharing this with my daughter and getting her hug in return. I can imagine reading this to a class of kids, kindergarten to about grade two. Doing it as a follow-up to … Continue reading Tears of joy

A child’s perspective is a guaranteed smile

Book Review: Mr. Granite is from Another Planet by Dan Gutman Another hysterical read from Mr. Gunman! I loved this one too!!! In case you've forgotten and are just taking life way too seriously, follow the kids in this story and see how beautifully funny the world must be when everything is literal. Absolutely wonderful … Continue reading A child’s perspective is a guaranteed smile

Mrs. Roopy is the kind of teacher I want to be!

Book Review: My Weird School #3: Mrs. Roopy is Loopy! by Dan Gutman  I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! Teaching is all about inspiring the love of learning, in my books. 😉 The illustrations complement the writing charmingly, and the writing... well, it's perfect for the kid in all of us! Every child has something special that … Continue reading Mrs. Roopy is the kind of teacher I want to be!

Persistence and Heart

Book Review: The Boy Who Never Gave Up by Stephen Curry What a beautiful story. Stephen exemplifies what we want all our kids to know... they can be whatever they want, if they never give up wanting it and work to get it. There's a second valuable lesson here... Follow your dreams with all your … Continue reading Persistence and Heart

Time to sleep

Book Review: Pete The Cat and the Bedtime Blues by James Dean Join Pete as he discovers that a trick his parents use to help him fall asleep really works on his friends too. At the same time, the friends all learn that there's a time to play and a time to rest... so they … Continue reading Time to sleep

Beautiful Indigenous folk tales for everyone!

Book Review: Papagayo: The Mischief Maker Beautifully illustrated.A fun story about ... The moon... or is it more.Amazing use of vocabulary. I'm guessing an Aztec or Inca tale. It would be wonderful to share this in any class and ask my students to discuss what they think it's about.What's the significance of Papagayo in this … Continue reading Beautiful Indigenous folk tales for everyone!

Cute, but what else do I need? You be the judge.

Book Review: Yes Day! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal Please keep in mind that I consider books as teaching tools, especially children's books. I look for one's that offer teachable moments and morality questions that could stimulate discussion. This one could, but I'm not sure it would be obvious to the students. The illustrations are cute.The … Continue reading Cute, but what else do I need? You be the judge.

Letting You Be … You

Book Review: Fancy Nancy by Jane O'Connor Adorable.A parent's guide to having fun while allowing your children be themselves.A great message about how parent's can show their children they respect them for who they are. Follow Nancy and her amazing family as they nurture her self-expression in the cutest and most supportive way... by being … Continue reading Letting You Be … You