Ready for the QCNA silent Auction!

I'm up at the beautiful Mont Gabriel Resort & Spa ( for the annual QCNA Gala. I'm so grateful to be able to help my dear friend Richard and support English local newspapers in Quebec by offering some artwork to their silent auction. The weather is gorgeous, the hotel is alive with people, and the … Continue reading Ready for the QCNA silent Auction!

THE ZONE Newsletter Ed. #9


The Zone Newsletter Edition #8

Adventures In Veggieland

A special thank you to all our guinea pigs... I mean former meat-lovers... Umm, Err, Friends, I mean... who courageously accepted our invitation to a meatless feast. Sawsan & I have been bragging and babbling on enthusiastically for weeks about how much our food options have exploded since embracing a more vegetarian lifestyle. I Guess … Continue reading Adventures In Veggieland

The Zone Newsletter ed. #6

“THE ZONE” Newsletter ed. #5

Attention Universe

Dear Universe, Thank you for showing me the amazing benefits and usefulness of the new iPad Pro 12.9" tablet with iPencil. I'm excited to use them to their fullest. Thank you for increasing my creative activities in writing, photography, and graphics. Thank you for inspiring me to document all the amazing activities we are giving … Continue reading Attention Universe

The Zone Newsletter ed. #4

The Zone ed. 3

The Zone ed. 2 – Feb 26th, 2018

Her's the second newsletter from Club Zone de Lachine. I thought I'd go a step further today since I'm a few days late on this. You see, I was preparing a few other documents for our growth last week, and getting ready to launch three new activities for our kids starting this week: see updates … Continue reading The Zone ed. 2 – Feb 26th, 2018