“The Desk” – A Mid-Century Cool-ification

... It moved around with me for a while, before sitting in storage in my parents' basement for a good 20 years. When my parents finally sold their home, I reclaimed it with the intension of restoring it to its original glory... the only problem was that I didn't like how it looked... originally...

In a rain of 80s new wave music – The Hollow Ones #39

Spotify has caught on that I'm nostalgically in love with New Wave music from the 1980s. I didn't follow it as a teenager growing up then, but I didn't follow my own tastes back then. Friends had way too much influence over what I experienced. Thank goodness I've fallen in love with my own likes. … Continue reading In a rain of 80s new wave music – The Hollow Ones #39

Teaching Art – Getting Ready to Go Online

Course review: Illustrating Expressive Portraits in Procreate by Maia Faddoul REMINDER: SKILLSHARE IS STILL OFFERING AN EXTENDED FREE TRIAL PERIOD OF 60 DAYS! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS! REGISTER NOW!!! I really enjoyed this course. At first, I had concerns that I wouldn't follow because it was all done on … Continue reading Teaching Art – Getting Ready to Go Online

“Aesthetic Explorations Through Arts & Design”

I'm continuing to think out loud here... please feel free to chime in... As you know, I've been considering the branding of my artwork and other creative projects. Arts MPerron doesn't feel like it covers my past creative explorations, much less all the new projects I've got underway. MPerron Creations feels like it encompasses the … Continue reading “Aesthetic Explorations Through Arts & Design”