Heh, heh, heh. Oh, yeah!

Imagine the shot taken, or drawn right after some mischievous action was taken by the subject. Let your mind wander. So, far my imagination has ranged from the ever so slightly perverted to the absolutely absurd and everything in-between. What do you think has brought this self-satisfied smile to his face? Dimension: 9" (23cm) x … Continue reading Heh, heh, heh. Oh, yeah!

The Pesky Nosehairs

Our distinguished gentleman sees himself as the epitome of class, composure, and good grooming. The only feature that consistently troubles him is the uncontrollable growth of his white nose hairs. When someone has the courage to do so, they mention to him and are rewarded with his genuine consternation. He begrudgingly thanks them for pointing … Continue reading The Pesky Nosehairs

There’s A Dubious Sound Over There

Another view of our meek soul, commenting calmly on something that raises his alarm and fears. He is clearly trying very hard not to give in to panic by making such a subdued statement, but we know what's going on inside, don't we? Which way do you think he'll bolt? Dimension: 9" (23cm) x 12" … Continue reading There’s A Dubious Sound Over There

Whoops! …forgot to empty the basket!

Can you imagine some of the strangest jobs in history? The executioner job seems really creepy, but what about the guys who had to clean up after the executioner? Guillotine maintenance specialist??? I imagine the description being something along the lines of... keep the pullies well oiled, keep the wood clean and waxed, keep the … Continue reading Whoops! …forgot to empty the basket!

Gosh, that’s worrisome!

It doesn't matter that people express fear or surprise in a thousand ways; my coping mechanism seems to always turn to a cartoon response. More than that, everyone becomes a meek and silly caricature of themselves. Please don't judge me too harshly, I don't belittle the person's expression of fear when this happens. It actually … Continue reading Gosh, that’s worrisome!

… Just putting on my face.

The grumpy old thespian slowly transformed into a zombie-like actor as I added more layers of Conte and graphite... The zombie feel came to me as I drew the eyes almost completely rolled up in their sockets and then the white cake makeup transformed it into something even more frightening than a zombie thespian. Well, … Continue reading … Just putting on my face.

The Ruffian

Somewhere in my subconscious mind lives all the characters from the original Bugs Bunny cartoons. The enforcer following the tiny gangster comes to mind here. I believe it was in a Sylvester & Tweety episode where Tweety was kidnapped by a Capone-ish gangster. The more I think about it, the more I remember that there's … Continue reading The Ruffian

Is The Fear Behind Us, Or Is There Still More Ahead? – The Hollow Ones #44

A gentle reminder that you have the power to decide on the answer to this question. We always live in light and darkness. One cannot exist without the other. Choose which you love the most and be grateful for it. No judgement here, just love the one you prefer fully and with gratitude for what … Continue reading Is The Fear Behind Us, Or Is There Still More Ahead? – The Hollow Ones #44

It Won’t Be Long Now – The Hollow Ones #43

Let hope in and know that all things must pass, including all this Covid-19 craziness. Let the darkness dissipate. Let the fear move on and embrace the joyful light. We don't need to get back to what was normal, that is what brought on this acceptance of fear. Be light, be happy, be different, be … Continue reading It Won’t Be Long Now – The Hollow Ones #43

Waiting As It Passes Us By – The Hollow Ones #42

The days drone on and one can hardly tell if society is looking ahead or getting used to being in this pandemic fear. The fear seems to be ahead of us. We aren't in it, and it hasn't passed. Every new day brings it forward. We're waiting to move, but the future seems scarier than … Continue reading Waiting As It Passes Us By – The Hollow Ones #42