Some People Have The Strangest Sense Of Decor

Now, I know I've seen this devil cyclops somewhere before, so I have to give credit where it's due, even if I'm not sure who did it originally. My initial inspiration for this was seeing some Halloween decorations around my neighbourhood. Quite a few people have shrunken heads hanging around. I imagined someone who has … Continue reading Some People Have The Strangest Sense Of Decor

Unusual Normalcy

Another strange figure is taken from a combination of images from time wastage on Facebook. The eye patch just puts him over the top for me. No more just a runway model, he now has a unique stylishness that propels him into the stratus of fashion influencer. Whatever the new emperor wears becomes the new … Continue reading Unusual Normalcy

Mechanical Mummification

The Industrial Revolution is in full swing all over the world and it has made the planet much smaller, as travellers come home with the strangest artifacts from far off lands. The bi-product is that science is developing unchecked and amorally. Mad Science has become the fashion of the day among the rich and privileged. … Continue reading Mechanical Mummification

Marilyn Manson Smiling At His Granddaughter

Originally a meant to be a study of this odd model posing in drawing class, and yes, he was wearing smudged makeup. There was something very familiar in the face. At first, I thought it was an old friend from school, then slowly something else emerged. Perhaps it was the fact that our teacher likes … Continue reading Marilyn Manson Smiling At His Granddaughter

Looking For Strange #1

Random lines, following the whims of my hands and inner eye, revealing shapes not seen or envisioned consciously... The paper is turned and turned to find any recognizable patterns. When found, colours are applied to achieve the pattern I think I see. Anything can happen. Hint, I look for what might be eyes and let … Continue reading Looking For Strange #1

Ofrenda for Basquiat

November 2nd is The Day of The Dead and we must create these memorial images of those we want to remember. I'm playing with the interpretation of this awesome Mexican tradition, but I want to pay tribute to a creative inspiration: Jean-Michel Basquiat. Perhaps doing an Ofrenda in a style similar to his will do … Continue reading Ofrenda for Basquiat

Old Man Facing The Wind

I was in need of filling a little time and didn't feel like getting dirty with charcoals, so I sat on a bench not far from this older businessman. He was enjoying the breeze and sunshine on his face. Well, that's what I think he was doing and probably what it would have looked like, … Continue reading Old Man Facing The Wind

Mesmer, or some other freak who turned me into a chicken in Las Vegas

I think I just woke up, refreshed and not remembering a thing about being a chicken... I have no clue what deep dark corner of my mind pulls this nonsense into the light of day, but here it is. Say hello to the Kramer of hypnotists. Capable of doing great things, but somehow, just like … Continue reading Mesmer, or some other freak who turned me into a chicken in Las Vegas

Hellish Hair

Ok, this one may be more imitation than inspiration... well, I'm not sure. I was looking at charcoal drawings and saw someone make a portrait of some guy with messy hair. It followed closely after some stupid fashion ad on Instagram of people with "stylishly messy hair". Anywho... the drawing was done in a more … Continue reading Hellish Hair

The Inner Beauty

What is the collective vision of beauty? If one finds themselves beautiful, in opposition to societal standards, can we accept their vision above ours? The label is on the inside and this figure wears it proudly and infectiously. They define themselves by their own terms. And with this confidence comes a new reality. They have … Continue reading The Inner Beauty