I finished another sketchbook a few days ago and felt this was the right time to try something new. Well, not exactly new to me, but something I haven't played with for quite some time. I've been wanting to draw again with charcoal, but the eczema on my fingers has been pretty bad for a … Continue reading Pleased


The Prevailing Form of Ceramics in Montreal Today – Part 1

My original research question is changing continually as I get more and more into it. This is the current wording of my research question: "Is the bowl the most popular form of ceramic art in Montreal today and if yes, how might it have become so?" The results of my original inquiry have led me … Continue reading The Prevailing Form of Ceramics in Montreal Today – Part 1

Transformed With Life #1

I recently opened a box full of ceramics bowls I made a few years ago, because someone asked me for one they saw on Arts M.Perron. They wanted to use it for something entirely different than I originally planned for it. I conceived it as a tea bowl. Their alternative usage inspired me to look … Continue reading Transformed With Life #1

What is your favourite form of ceramic art?

I'm doing a research paper for my Art History class and would love some public answers to this question.

Vampire Temple Skyline

I see this view from the second floor windows at the EV building at Concordia university, facing Mackay Street. The view disturbs me and I'm not sure if it's because it is remarkable or un remarkable. It just bugs me. I find myself taking the same picture of it from different floors, as if I … Continue reading Vampire Temple Skyline

Bauhaus High-rise

Thank's to the art history class I'm currently taking I discovered a little more about the history of architecture here in Montreal. I thought I knew a little about the Bauhaus architecture, but somehow I never realized just how much of our beautiful city was defined by it. I'm not sure who got the credit … Continue reading Bauhaus High-rise


I'm not sure I even care who this statue represents, it surprised me in one of those funny moments when we are walking around, completely lost in my own thoughts, and there it was. As if it jumped out of nowhere, right infant of me. When I looked up, it felt mike a slow-motion upward … Continue reading Imposing

Very, Very Montreal

Montreal (Quebec, Canada) has some very interesting architecture, but almost every city in the world can say that with subjective ease. What makes the architecture of Montreal so interesting is how it is combined: the old and the new create layers of emotional design that open doors to the rich and often turbulent history of … Continue reading Very, Very Montreal

Unfinished or Undone Cathedral

I couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing from this church. I didn't crop out the surrounding buildings I didn't take away surrounding trees. I only changed the sky. So, what was it that was missing from what I at first mislabelled as a cathedral? Well, perhaps it's that it isn't a cathedral anymore, … Continue reading Unfinished or Undone Cathedral

Tough Life

Perhaps it's the broken nose and the big square jaw, but I get the feeling this guy is a fighter. There's a softness and sadness in his face that tells me he doesn't want this life, but despairs he has no choice. Something about it feels like Marlon Brando from On The Waterfront, after he … Continue reading Tough Life