Creative Blocks – Goya Squares Continued

Quite some time ago, before Covid... my drawing teacher asked us to do what he called Goya Squares. The premise is that he cut of (photocopies) of famous Goya etchings into 1" squares; we were to take between one to three of them, place them on a large white sheet of paper and draw outwards … Continue reading Creative Blocks – Goya Squares Continued

Creative Blocks – Carving out an inspiration

I've been trying to get myself into a creative mood, as you know from my last few postings...One of the ways was to set up some materials for projects to do over my Summer break from teaching. So, I've been scavenging for materials and finding discarded bits and bobs, including this small chink of soapstone … Continue reading Creative Blocks – Carving out an inspiration

Creative Blocks – Grey Sunshine

We can find the most amazing things to see when walking to clear the mind. Concrete has always fascinated me, literally. The greys are almost always warm when dry and they feel both solid and ephemeral at the same time... as if they could be crumbled to dust with an unexpected tap to the right … Continue reading Creative Blocks – Grey Sunshine

Creative Block – Inspiration in unlikely places

With my last posting still whispering (more like a loud nagging) in my ears to get creative, I've been trying to take my quiet moments to see what's around me. Not just looking and not searching... letting myself see what presents itself. Of course something presented itself in the bathroom. If your reaction is "YUCK", … Continue reading Creative Block – Inspiration in unlikely places

Creative Block – Let Inspiration find you

I'm not complaining, but it's been a struggle to get creative lately; I have lists and post-its full of ideas, but just don't feel like making them happen. Well, that's not entirely true... I lack the motivation to make them happen. Instead, I find myself filling the creative emptiness with TV, retail therapy, reading (sadly, … Continue reading Creative Block – Let Inspiration find you

Getting Back on The Horse – Where to start?

It feels like months since I've written anything personal and made any personal artwork. All my mind, time, and energy has been dedicated to teaching and finishing my BFA Specialization in Art Education & Teaching License. My overthinking and imposter syndrome fiercely kicking in during evaluations, which went over with great responses from my mentors … Continue reading Getting Back on The Horse – Where to start?

Micro-Transformations of Space Over Time

The Video - My actual artwork in video form Imagine yourself in a museum’s viewing room. It’s claustrophobically dark and there is an ambient hum that indicates the volumes might get loudly disorienting. You are geared up with tense anticipation for the video to walk your through a sensory experience. You watch as the space … Continue reading Micro-Transformations of Space Over Time

Invasion of the Triffid-Snatchers

Are you a fan of the old black and white, alien invasion, b-movies of the 1960s? Take a look at The Day of there Triffids and try to figure out what the artistic director must have been thunking whence created the Triffids. They were supposed to be some plant-like aliens. In the book, if my … Continue reading Invasion of the Triffid-Snatchers

Puddles of Sulphurous Yellow

Every year my wife picks some typical flower for her outdoor flower pots; usually geraniums, daisies, chrysanthemums, etc... I tend to like weirder flowers, but we compromise on colours. I love yellows, both for the vibrant joy they evoke and for subtle decay they show while dying. Also, occasionally we can catch a stranger bug … Continue reading Puddles of Sulphurous Yellow

Violet Temptations

My plantain Lillies (hostas) infestation began with only a couple of plants from my father's garden; now there are so many that I can use them as ground cover for my entire lawn... well almost. The strange purple flowers that jut out of them on impossibly long stems waver in the wind as if vibrating … Continue reading Violet Temptations