Myself, later On

My inspiration here was a portrait of an old man, obviously without a shirt. Perhaps to indicate a greater vulnerability. Only after putting a few lines on paper did I start feeling the familiarity. I think I was making a self-portrait as an older man. I let my mind go and my hands followed the … Continue reading Myself, later On



Could this guy be a monk, a yogi, a wizened guru, or just some old guy? Whatever and whoever he is, he looks wise. There's that added calm he emotes that gives the feeling he might be wiser than us. The photo I took of this older guy had him much farther from the lens, … Continue reading Wisdom

Backstage Routines

I was considering other titles to make there story more obvious: "Putting On My Face" or "Before The Show". This androgynous actor is backstage in front of their makeup mirror, getting ready for the big performance on stage. They have a routine that prepares them to enter the skin of the character they are playing. … Continue reading Backstage Routines

You’re Sweet

Ok, I was sort of spying on a couple next to me at the coffee shop. Not close enough to hear what they were saying, but the girl's facial expression showed she was enjoying the person siting in front of her. I chose to draw the scene at the moment she lifted her chin, smiled, … Continue reading You’re Sweet

Voices In Her Head

I was hoping to enhance a softer face with white eyes, but there whole tilting head, thin neck, and subtle smile turned those empty eyes into insanity. She seemed to look right through you, as if talking to something behind you. I hope I never. meet her in a dark alley, or any alley for … Continue reading Voices In Her Head

The Darkness Inside

Ok, she's a little creepy. Perhaps it's my dark mood of late, but I felt that she was hiding a very sinister mind behind those empty eyes. Whatever is going on behind her eyes, I hope it wasn't inside me. This felt like one of those drawings that comes from outside of me, or it's … Continue reading The Darkness Inside

Really? Sure!

Have you ever felt incredulous at someone's question to you? You know the question I'm talking about. It's the bottom pusher question that send me over the edge: "Are you sure?" Always asked with a self-confidence shattering level of convinced doubt from the asker. This guy has almost the whole reply in his left eyebrow. … Continue reading Really? Sure!


For those of you who have ever had the pleasure of hanging out with stage actors, you realize that their public personas tend to be very, well, theatrical. Every word they say is accentuated with a purposeful pose and facial expression. It leaves you wondering if they are being a little condescending in some way. … Continue reading Thespian

Post-Punk Picassoid

I actually didn't model this one off a Picasso image, but he does seem to show up a lot. This was modelled after a random portrait where the model had Cubist makeup and thick, almost unrealistically solid hair. I wasn't sure of the colours, but found the Eastern European features and African colours played a … Continue reading Post-Punk Picassoid

Egon Schiele, New Wave Icon

I've always been fascinated by Egon Schiele's self-portraits, but not entirely certain why. There's a vulnerability in them that I felt was recognizable in some other context and I found myself attracted to it. I only recently figured out a possible connection for me. I've been loving a load of New Wave music on Spotify … Continue reading Egon Schiele, New Wave Icon