The Darkness Inside

Ok, she's a little creepy. Perhaps it's my dark mood of late, but I felt that she was hiding a very sinister mind behind those empty eyes. Whatever is going on behind her eyes, I hope it wasn't inside me. This felt like one of those drawings that comes from outside of me, or it's … Continue reading The Darkness Inside

Really? Sure!

Have you ever felt incredulous at someone's question to you? You know the question I'm talking about. It's the bottom pusher question that send me over the edge: "Are you sure?" Always asked with a self-confidence shattering level of convinced doubt from the asker. This guy has almost the whole reply in his left eyebrow. … Continue reading Really? Sure!


For those of you who have ever had the pleasure of hanging out with stage actors, you realize that their public personas tend to be very, well, theatrical. Every word they say is accentuated with a purposeful pose and facial expression. It leaves you wondering if they are being a little condescending in some way. … Continue reading Thespian

Post-Punk Picassoid

I actually didn't model this one off a Picasso image, but he does seem to show up a lot. This was modelled after a random portrait where the model had Cubist makeup and thick, almost unrealistically solid hair. I wasn't sure of the colours, but found the Eastern European features and African colours played a … Continue reading Post-Punk Picassoid

Egon Schiele, New Wave Icon

I've always been fascinated by Egon Schiele's self-portraits, but not entirely certain why. There's a vulnerability in them that I felt was recognizable in some other context and I found myself attracted to it. I only recently figured out a possible connection for me. I've been loving a load of New Wave music on Spotify … Continue reading Egon Schiele, New Wave Icon

The Young H.G. Wells

He holds a Victorian look and a sense of cool that could only come from a modernized version of the literary hero of that era. I have to wonder if people like Wells were considered rock stars of his time, or was he some geeky odd recluse writing his genius without anyone really knowing him. … Continue reading The Young H.G. Wells

Living Two-Dimensionally

Sometimes, regardless of angles, shading, and perspectives, the figure remains two-dimensional. The funny thing is, I believer this guy could still be walking around as a two-dimensional being. Most of the time, we can't see him, unless he's right in front of us. Here, I caught him as he's turning. Almost as if he's somehow … Continue reading Living Two-Dimensionally


He caught me observing him and got a really annoyed look on his face. That's what I'd have felt had my subject been a live person, as it turns out it was an Expressionist drawing that I changed by exaggerating the neck, straightening the head from a tilted position, and removing the hand it was … Continue reading Watching

Quiet Glance

I'm digging deep into Expressionist portraiture and transforming my source materials into my own signature style. Well, that's what I believe. I'm pushing myself to play with different framing and body poses, as well as trying to explore different skin tones with coloured charcoal and contes. I just loved the way her head was tilted … Continue reading Quiet Glance

Coquette Determined

Just stretching out of my comfort zone a little more each day. This dreamy lady is determined to stare back at anyone brave enough to admire her. It's not clear if she likes it, dislikes it, or is challenging the looker to be brave and talk to her. I used coloured charcoal and conte, but … Continue reading Coquette Determined