Sunset Shadows

Behind these small woods is a city dump. It gives off all the stink of the rotting crap dumped into it... It smells very much like sulphur. I happen to be walking here late one afternoon and enjoying the long shadows cast by the setting sun. It was still very early Spring, so the green … Continue reading Sunset Shadows

Greyscale Sunrise At War

It's amazing how strong and vibrant the sunrise gets in the Spring over Montreal. There's always lots of humidity in the air to haze the brightness, but the sun feels like it's burning through it all to touch us with the hope of Spring and the promise of warmth in Summer. If you can imagine … Continue reading Greyscale Sunrise At War

Where Art Lived

I found this in a "to work on" folder. This is how I once had my work displayed in my house. I still use this wall to show off work, but it has become a moving feast. Paintings and other wall-hanging art, as well as ceramics that can fit on the mantlepiece are always coming … Continue reading Where Art Lived

Shadows at Sunset

I don't recall how or when I took this shot. It must have been when I was shadow hunting around the house. It was a very blurry shot, to begin with and the light in the original was at sunrise, not sunset. I usually don't see so much red in the morning sun, but this … Continue reading Shadows at Sunset

Hooray, Spring is here!

I feel compelled to shoot these little beauties every year after the snow melts. They seem to stay hidden under the leaves until every speck of snow has melted under the Spring sun, then they pop up and celebrate the seasonal change. I have yet to be there at the moment when they pop up, … Continue reading Hooray, Spring is here!

Encroaching Darkness

If I were to express this in one word it would be: ominous. That was my first impulse reaction when I was how the shadow was caught on camera. If you start viewing the image from the bottom, you can see beautiful, warm light of subtle, natural tones. The little shadows and dark spots only … Continue reading Encroaching Darkness

Contrast & Wonder

Get in really close and enjoy the light coming off the differently textured surfaces. Some of my shots of this view were in colour and it remained unspectacular to me. It was the high exposure, black & white image that popped! It felt like a close-up of a mud-clay and straw sculpture... something deeply symbolic … Continue reading Contrast & Wonder

Bird’s Eye View, Or Is It #2

What are we looking at here: a satellite photo, a topographical survey shot from a plane, a bird's eye view of the tundra, or an up-close view of sun-bathed, small, and mossy rock? What do you want to see? That's all that matters. I found these questions and more rolling around my head as I … Continue reading Bird’s Eye View, Or Is It #2

Another Goldsworthy Perspective

Ok so I fiddled a little with the camera angles here to force a climbing feeling to the landscape. I was trying to get close to this fallen tree and capture as much texture as possible while catching the whole branch. It wasn't working out. The broken end at the base was full of textures, … Continue reading Another Goldsworthy Perspective

Shinning Through #6

I played with the sun a little on this morning; playing hide and seek throughout the macro view of the camera lens. This is a whole series dedicated to seeing differently. It felt like a great extension of my current desire to take a look closer at stuff. The bright morning sun gave a little … Continue reading Shinning Through #6