The Window Worker

I won't go into too much detail about this one. The many times I rewrote the description, I realized how condescending I was sounding. She is a vain person who is looking at herself in the window of a department store. As soon as I labeled her as a window worker, the boobs being out … Continue reading The Window Worker


Looking Down On Oneself

Another self-portrait? Not entirely. The figure is decidedly choosing the perspective from which it is looking at itself. Removed and from above, it can safely criticize itself and feel simultaneously better than the subject and worst about themselves. it begs the answer to the question "are we ourselves?" This odd figure, with its Ichabod Crane … Continue reading Looking Down On Oneself


I'm lead to believe from all the books I'ver read on self-improvement, that most of us really don't see ourselves as we truly are. This self-distortion emanated from us, and influences how others see us, thus authenticating our self-perception while further concretizing a corrupted self-perception. It's a vicious circle that always starts from within us, … Continue reading Self-Distortion

The Eternal

Perhaps it's due to the recent obsession with Marvel movies and what's coming next in the MCU, or perhaps it's just the way the hair looks like the flames of a garden gas torch, but when I started the process of editing this little face, the words eternal flame came to mind. It somehow looks … Continue reading The Eternal

Thoroughly Unimpressed

At first it was a copy of thickly painted oil painting, and I was getting frustrated at the great details in the original. So, I decided to let go and just doodle it. What came from it was a simple, even silly expression on the new face, that I am not sure was intended on … Continue reading Thoroughly Unimpressed

Subtler Thinking

A facial expression caught in time can move well beyond the moment to reveal some of the past and give a glimpse of the future. You, the observer, will decide the feelings that go along with the expression. I have a theory that if we got a hundred reflections on this expression, we would get … Continue reading Subtler Thinking

Subtle Thinking

Doodles and sketches inspired by the endless cornucopia on Pinterest has become a joy for me. I decided to let go of my terrible self-criticisms and let the ink brush transform the source materials and inspirations into whatever it is meant to be in my hands. While editing the image to share, I find myself … Continue reading Subtle Thinking

Rough Selfie In Anger

Dark moods are occasionally hard to control and I've been swimming in one hell of a dark mood lately. Talking about it isn't giving the relief. Working out isn't either. Writing helps momentarily. I just feel really heavy in my heart and feel angry about not getting out of this mood. This doodle feels close … Continue reading Rough Selfie In Anger

Painted Sky

The clouds swirled around some unseen source.Not sun, not moonSome light hole in the sky. It took a fraction of a second to see it dissipate after I caught it. When I brought the image into photoshop, some of the swirl had magically evaporated and left behind hints of this aquamarine sky. See More at Arts M.Perron

Watercolour Sky

Sunrise almost always inspires my creativity. The framing of this one was I'm portent, as I was taking random shots from across the street and found myself frustrated by the signs of human presence: houses, electrical wires, etc… While cropping to get the framing right, I saw more than my original attraction tin to the … Continue reading Watercolour Sky