In Poker They Call It “A Tell”…

Catching & Changing my Bull S*** Patterns! I just had a life changing coaching session and I can't go back to the way I was, at least not without KNOWING I am doing it. First was the awareness of my tell. That's right, it's the sign, both physical and mental that I exhibit, both overtly … Continue reading In Poker They Call It “A Tell”…


Making A Promise Of Growth

Here We Go... I've started reading The Artist Way by Julia Cameron on the advice of a an excellent Life Coach. I had complained that I was having a creative block and it felt tied into much of the transitions I'm going through on my growth journey right now. She's not only understood what I … Continue reading Making A Promise Of Growth

What we find when finding ourselves

I don't know about you, but I feel I've been looking for myself all my life! I figure the biggest challenge is that I am really uncertain about what I am looking for. So, I'll just continue looking, and... ... REALLY ENJOY ALL THE DIFFERENT "MYSELVES" I FIND. By my count I've been toying with … Continue reading What we find when finding ourselves

The Zone Newsletter Edition #8

The Zone ed. 2 – Feb 26th, 2018

Her's the second newsletter from Club Zone de Lachine. I thought I'd go a step further today since I'm a few days late on this. You see, I was preparing a few other documents for our growth last week, and getting ready to launch three new activities for our kids starting this week: see updates … Continue reading The Zone ed. 2 – Feb 26th, 2018

Friday’s Folks – My Proud Dad Moment

When Our Kids Teach Us Grace This past Tuesday, my amazing daughter had her science fair. As a family, we pushed her to get organized, think out of the box, and be creative. After nearly two months of pushing our awesome teen and everything was as complete as it would be, we told our nervous … Continue reading Friday’s Folks – My Proud Dad Moment

I’m So Grateful To All Of You!

This past week I won my 500th subscriber and I am very grateful to all of my followers for getting me there. It popped up in an email and gave me a pause to breathe and reflect on the last year, or more specifically the last few months activities. A reflection on blogging: I recently … Continue reading I’m So Grateful To All Of You!

Monday’s Movers – OSHO: Awareness

OSHO:  Awareness: The Key to Living in Balance Insight for a new way of living I’m not sure how much of Osho’s keys to balanced living I’ve incorporated into my life yet, but I have a much better feeling about them. I say feeling because what I do understand feels like the release of self-forgiveness. … Continue reading Monday’s Movers – OSHO: Awareness