Servant Leaders Are Alive And Thriving At CoenCorp

Check out this insightful article affecting Fleet Management and the bottom-line consideration of so many companies! THE BEST WAY TO CUT THE HIGH COST OF REPAIRS

“We are in quite a pickle, aren’t we, Samwise old boy?”

Can I continue going this way? I've been building up my stock of new refurbished furniture and hope to start on new designs of lamps, lighting fixtures, and miscellaneous decor items and ideas. Of course, I want to sell all this stuff, that's why I build the website for Found - The Repurposed Design Company. … Continue reading “We are in quite a pickle, aren’t we, Samwise old boy?”


TOMA Marketing Consulting

See full page & services via TOMA Marketing Consulting When asked What I Do, I enjoy answering: “I invite people to explore the question: “Have you considered this…?” 

Ask And You Shall Receive

The Battle For What I Want Rages On... I'm winning, sort Of... As many of my dear readers know, I often feel I crumble under the perceived weight of the question of what do I really want. The good news is it's getting easier to answer, when I break it down. The question is seldom … Continue reading Ask And You Shall Receive

To Break My Streak Or Not???

According the fine folks at WP, I've been blogging daily for over two years, 526 days straight, in fact, without missing a single day. Now, I don't know if that's a big deal in the blogging world, but it feels damn impressive to myself. So, along with the message of my up until now unbroken … Continue reading To Break My Streak Or Not???

Monday’s Movers – Luce Lamoureux

Art is blooming in Montreal this Spring and local talent is blossoming through the amazing paintings of Luce Lamoureux!!! If you're in the Montreal area this Thursday, April 19th, drop in and see some beautiful art presented by ArtMotion International Join us at Hotel Chez Swann for this beautiful and inspiring exposition. While April showers … Continue reading Monday’s Movers – Luce Lamoureux

The Zone Newsletter Edition #8

With A Little Help from My Friends…

A little shout out to introduce a friend whom you'll be hearing much more about in the near future. My friend, Pierre-Marc Desjardins is an artist representative with the eye, ear, and heart for great ART! His company is called ArtMotion International. Why ArtMotion? Because great art inspires great emotions! An painter himself, he has … Continue reading With A Little Help from My Friends…

The Zone ed. 3

The Zone ed. 2 – Feb 26th, 2018

Her's the second newsletter from Club Zone de Lachine. I thought I'd go a step further today since I'm a few days late on this. You see, I was preparing a few other documents for our growth last week, and getting ready to launch three new activities for our kids starting this week: see updates … Continue reading The Zone ed. 2 – Feb 26th, 2018