Butterfly Garden – Making a bed for the flowers

Sticking to my usual goal of recycling as much material as possible, I raked the whole area as flat as possible and used the trunks and branches of the cut-down cedars to make my flower box. I called-out for indigenous seeds (on Facebook) and bought others online. I decided to cover the ground with nutrient … Continue reading Butterfly Garden – Making a bed for the flowers

Righting an old wrong

I recently received a comment on an old posting regarding my once involvement with GoRead/Readers Legacy. I had tried to put them out of mind as it was an experience with mixed results. The article was under "Odds & Ends..." For the year I spent investing in them, I did end up making a little … Continue reading Righting an old wrong

Status Update – How Much Have I Progressed

622 Days Into This Obsession, And... I started this little adventure in writing a little under two years ago with an article titled: What I Want - 30 days to Clearly Defining It. I just re-read it and I am not sure I can list all the changes that have come since I started my … Continue reading Status Update – How Much Have I Progressed

Searching for how best to say… I Love You!

A Very Happy Birthday To My Amazing Wife!!! It's one of those big years for my awesome wife and I really wanted to do something special, but Sawsan isn't always the easiest person to surprise, nor does she like being the centre of attention. I had a bit of a rough patch figuring out what … Continue reading Searching for how best to say… I Love You!

How Do We Celebrate A Life???

This past Thursday, I got the news that my Uncle Roland passed away after a long illness. What usually happens is a flood of memories pass through my mind. This time was beautifully different and filled me with gratitude. Among the memories I have of my Uncle Roland is an incredibly precious one and one … Continue reading How Do We Celebrate A Life???

Adventures In Veggieland

A special thank you to all our guinea pigs... I mean former meat-lovers... Umm, Err, Friends, I mean... who courageously accepted our invitation to a meatless feast. Sawsan & I have been bragging and babbling on enthusiastically for weeks about how much our food options have exploded since embracing a more vegetarian lifestyle. I Guess … Continue reading Adventures In Veggieland