Searching for how best to say… I Love You!

A Very Happy Birthday To My Amazing Wife!!! It's one of those big years for my awesome wife and I really wanted to do something special, but Sawsan isn't always the easiest person to surprise, nor does she like being the centre of attention. I had a bit of a rough patch figuring out what … Continue reading Searching for how best to say… I Love You!


How Do We Celebrate A Life???

This past Thursday, I got the news that my Uncle Roland passed away after a long illness. What usually happens is a flood of memories pass through my mind. This time was beautifully different and filled me with gratitude. Among the memories I have of my Uncle Roland is an incredibly precious one and one … Continue reading How Do We Celebrate A Life???

Adventures In Veggieland

A special thank you to all our guinea pigs... I mean former meat-lovers... Umm, Err, Friends, I mean... who courageously accepted our invitation to a meatless feast. Sawsan & I have been bragging and babbling on enthusiastically for weeks about how much our food options have exploded since embracing a more vegetarian lifestyle. I Guess … Continue reading Adventures In Veggieland

It’s Starting To Feel A lot Like Christmas

The Best Tree We've Had So Far! With the weather going up and down, no snow yet on the ground, and the juggling of a very busy work schedule, I haven't taken a moment to consider what time of year it is. Yesterday, we made time to get our Christmas tree, not entirely feeling the … Continue reading It’s Starting To Feel A lot Like Christmas

Fun Fotos For Friday – Hidden Chills

We are at the height of Summer, some of us are getting ready for the Winter to come, others know Fall rains are coming. Some of us are about to enter the best season of the year. Fall in Montreal is always the best! The sun shines and the humidity has been burned out of … Continue reading Fun Fotos For Friday – Hidden Chills

I’m So Grateful for the Recognition

This just in on ViewBug and I'm blown away!!! MarioMJPerron, You're gaining exposure! Your photo is in the top most voted! Your photo placed ahead of 41,177 submissions.