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Good advice doesn’t have to be hard to see

You know When You Gotta Accept A solution That’s In Front Of You…

VISIBILITY AND CONTROL OVER FUEL COSTS: FUEL MANAGEMENT IN MINING Coencorp does it again. You have to read their latest article on Fuel management. It will open you eyes and fill you with hope. Offering solutions is absolutely in their DNA. Did you know that for nearly 30 years they have been innovating Fuel & … Continue reading You know When You Gotta Accept A solution That’s In Front Of You…

Where Your Fuel Management System Makes You Money

This is the intro to this insightful article... "When discussing the high costs of fleet management, our customers often tell us fuel consumption is on par with expenses related to labor. In fact, they tend to complement each other in clear and trackable ways. The most obvious is when your fleet increases in size, so … Continue reading Where Your Fuel Management System Makes You Money

A Vision for 2019

And How My Paths Are Converging This Year! Part 1 - Returning to School Is A Little Scary! As many of you already know, I'm returning to school to get my teaching permit in Art Education and it's been a very long time since I was in university last. Much seems to have changed in … Continue reading A Vision for 2019

Have You Figured Out Your Q-Factor?

Why do I love having my mindset shaken? In his awesome article: "What can we learn from people who succeed later in life?" , researcher , Albert-László Barabási, shook the dust of a personal conundrum: How do I figure out why I've not had wild success in my recent business ventures? I didn't clearly identify my reason … Continue reading Have You Figured Out Your Q-Factor?

Tough Decisions Ahead

Thank You For Being There For Me Over the last weeks I've been debating several directions to take, one of them has to do with how to stay connected to my blog followers. I've been on an unbroken posting streak of over 550 days and my blog has been growing in popularity daily. I am … Continue reading Tough Decisions Ahead

Stereophonic Awesomeness

Soooo Many Possibilities!!! A good friend of mine sent me a load of pictures of stuff from his Dad's house. Yes, I'm attracting down-sizers faster than I can store all these wonderful; pieces, but keep on coming! I'll figure something out! Gilles told me his father lovingly restored the electronics inside this and it just … Continue reading Stereophonic Awesomeness

It’s Time To Manage Time

To Rest or Not To Rest, That is The Question... I'm about to start a new job and the time commitment is what really has me concerned. To be honest, time to get everything done is always my chief concern. I've learned that just diving in and doing it, gets it done well. It's the … Continue reading It’s Time To Manage Time

To Break My Streak Or Not???

According the fine folks at WP, I've been blogging daily for over two years, 526 days straight, in fact, without missing a single day. Now, I don't know if that's a big deal in the blogging world, but it feels damn impressive to myself. So, along with the message of my up until now unbroken … Continue reading To Break My Streak Or Not???