Clutter or Opportunity? I know what I’m choosing!

It's been a busy year for creative outputs and there's no slowdown ahead. There's also been a lot of self-awareness learning going on around here lately. Amazingly, a lot of it revolves around the benefits of a more decluttered life. So, we've been contemplating the pros and cons of what to do with all our … Continue reading Clutter or Opportunity? I know what I’m choosing!

Montreal Music – Introducing The Cold Snaps

Every time I meet my dear friend, Berel we get into wonderful conversations about philosophy, self-awareness, and our passions for the arts. He captures hearts and minds every time he starts talking ab out his passion for singing, Barbershop style. The hard work, dedication, and love he and his fellow Cold Snaps put into there … Continue reading Montreal Music – Introducing The Cold Snaps

All The Ways We Hide

We wear masks and often wear masks to cover the mask we only want partly seen. We hide parts of ourselves in shadows to keep up false mysteries. We turn our faces and bodies to de-emphasize the faults we see in ourselves, or to highlight what we like the most. We make-up or tan ourselves … Continue reading All The Ways We Hide

Just, Joy.

Another enigmatic personage. She grew from some outer source, the muse again, I'm sure. I had already done a few drawings this day and had a very productive day all around, so I was quite please with myself. I was feeling happy and felt like drawing out that emotion. I'm not sure if what this … Continue reading Just, Joy.


I stared at this guy for a long time, before hearing any kind of story. It was very hard to hear his voice. So, I asked him to tell me. He only gave me his little smile. I begged for something, anything, just one thing... That's when he whispered his name: "Finger", and nothing else. … Continue reading Finger

Do You See Me?

There's a sadness that's deep inside people who feel unremarkable and un-noticed. I've felt this most of my life and work hard at changing that mindset-habit. I've been lucky enough to meet many outstanding and talented people who also feel this way and I am constantly amazed that they see themselves this way. We have … Continue reading Do You See Me?

‘We’re anti-influencer’: ice-cream truck makes Instagram ‘stars’ pay double

'We're anti-influencer': ice-cream truck makes Instagram 'stars' pay double Kudos to this guy. He's got real integrity!  And kudos to The Guardian for publishing another excellent article!  Hmmm... I wonder if I could do the same to all those Amazon gimmick pedlars trying to get me to buy their weird crap with a promise of … Continue reading ‘We’re anti-influencer’: ice-cream truck makes Instagram ‘stars’ pay double

What Can I Say?

Perhaps this guy just received a great compliment and answers in a very self-satisfied fashion by saying "What Can I Say?" I blended this one in steps and played a little more with layering the blacks and whites to build up tones. I'm continuously fascinated with how these charcoals end up looking like watercolours. The … Continue reading What Can I Say?

As A Matter Of Fact

I'm on the fence about this one. While she seems to have a fixed thought in her mind, I get a sense that some uncertainty remains. Perhaps it comes from the loose use of coloured charcoals and how I rubbed them with a lighter touch than usual to get a grainier finish. In the photo … Continue reading As A Matter Of Fact


Imagine a business supper, where colleagues are toasting one of their own for an important award, only this time the winner of the award is one of the offices stranger occupants. In fact, he is almost unknown by anyone, because of his closed and solitary demeanour. Imagine his manager is now speaking and obviously struggling … Continue reading Gus