As A Matter Of Fact

I'm on the fence about this one. While she seems to have a fixed thought in her mind, I get a sense that some uncertainty remains. Perhaps it comes from the loose use of coloured charcoals and how I rubbed them with a lighter touch than usual to get a grainier finish. In the photo … Continue reading As A Matter Of Fact



Imagine a business supper, where colleagues are toasting one of their own for an important award, only this time the winner of the award is one of the offices stranger occupants. In fact, he is almost unknown by anyone, because of his closed and solitary demeanour. Imagine his manager is now speaking and obviously struggling … Continue reading Gus


He looks down and away, unable to face your gaze. What did he do? Why is he so visibly filled with remorse? I've been told that an artist almost always incorporates part of themselves in every portrait they make. For me, I believe that something inside me often speaks out whey I make faces. I'm … Continue reading Remorse

Self-Portraits – A Way To Define Self?

The Challenge of Making A Meaningful Selfie This week in In Pursuit of my Art Ed Degree... We covered the history of photography, mused on the similarities between art photography and photojournalism, and mused on the differences between Selfies & Self-Portraits. While the history gave me a clear understanding of the history of capturing light … Continue reading Self-Portraits – A Way To Define Self?

A Vision for 2019

And How My Paths Are Converging This Year! Part 1 - Returning to School Is A Little Scary! As many of you already know, I'm returning to school to get my teaching permit in Art Education and it's been a very long time since I was in university last. Much seems to have changed in … Continue reading A Vision for 2019

It’s Time To Manage Time

To Rest or Not To Rest, That is The Question... I'm about to start a new job and the time commitment is what really has me concerned. To be honest, time to get everything done is always my chief concern. I've learned that just diving in and doing it, gets it done well. It's the … Continue reading It’s Time To Manage Time

Searching for how best to say… I Love You!

A Very Happy Birthday To My Amazing Wife!!! It's one of those big years for my awesome wife and I really wanted to do something special, but Sawsan isn't always the easiest person to surprise, nor does she like being the centre of attention. I had a bit of a rough patch figuring out what … Continue reading Searching for how best to say… I Love You!

Connecting With “NOW” Feelings

Regret is a sign of disconnect with yourself Ok, so this quote has got me all in a bother and confusion, sort of. The bother is that when I think about the times I've felt bad & regretful about any point in my past, it was always about how discontent I was with my present … Continue reading Connecting With “NOW” Feelings

Happiness No Matter What!

There's a snippet of a Robert Frost poem spoken in the movie, Dead Poets Society that rushed into my mind and I was sure I'd misquote it. so I found it for you. This quote and the repeated teachings of Abraham-Hicks are about making a choice to be happy. Happiness is the key to everything. … Continue reading Happiness No Matter What!

Over 2 Years On This Journey And The Same Question Comes To Me Daily!

What Do I Really Want To Do? This quote came to me today and it resonated with another part of my soul. It feels like the angel sending me this message understands that I have struggled with answering this question and asked it in a very different way. Starting with a gentle preamble that encourages … Continue reading Over 2 Years On This Journey And The Same Question Comes To Me Daily!