The Benefit of 30 Years of good Business Practice Is…

Being able to freely give advice to the industries you serve without fear that someone will steal your ideas. Coencorp is one of those kinds of companies. Please take a look at their latest article and reach out to them to learn more. How To Avoid The Worst Fleet Mistakes

Going Green Is More Than Just Good Business – It’s Growth! Coencorp is offering more than your average Fuel Management System. After nearly thirty years of innovating with the changes requested by their clients, they have a deeply integrated, highly adaptable, and wonderfully user-friendly tool that solves challenges faced by almost any industry's fleet. And they are still growing with the changing definitions of … Continue reading Going Green Is More Than Just Good Business – It’s Growth!



"The implementation of a fully integrated fleet management system that answers the challenges of a vast diversity of industries and companies needing them is realizable when the supplier builds its system on these strong values: flexibility, adaptability, scalability, and user-focused functionality. Most companies’ needs vary beyond what combination of equipment and assets they own; they … Continue reading THE IMPORTANCE OF INTEGRATED FLEET MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS

Just Breathe

I'm Getting There. I'm Getting There. I'm Getting There...This past few months have felt the busiest in recent memory and I often feel that my "To Do" list just keeps getting longer and longer. Every new project, activity, request is filled with blessings that I am so very grateful for, and yet I still feel … Continue reading Just Breathe

Over 2 Years On This Journey And The Same Question Comes To Me Daily!

What Do I Really Want To Do? This quote came to me today and it resonated with another part of my soul. It feels like the angel sending me this message understands that I have struggled with answering this question and asked it in a very different way. Starting with a gentle preamble that encourages … Continue reading Over 2 Years On This Journey And The Same Question Comes To Me Daily!

Attention Universe

Dear Universe, Thank you for showing me the amazing benefits and usefulness of the new iPad Pro 12.9" tablet with iPencil. I'm excited to use them to their fullest. Thank you for increasing my creative activities in writing, photography, and graphics. Thank you for inspiring me to document all the amazing activities we are giving … Continue reading Attention Universe

THE ZONE ed. #1 – Feb 15, 2018

Welcome to the first Club Zone de Lachine Newsletter. My intention is to publish one of these every week, giving you news, volunteering opportunities, fundraising campaigns, calls to action, events, success stories, and much, much more. So, please help me with our Mission to help our kids. See You In The Zone

I’m So Grateful To All Of You!

This past week I won my 500th subscriber and I am very grateful to all of my followers for getting me there. It popped up in an email and gave me a pause to breathe and reflect on the last year, or more specifically the last few months activities. A reflection on blogging: I recently … Continue reading I’m So Grateful To All Of You!

Growth Through Vulnerability

A Management/Consultant Profile - Spiced Up With A Punch For years now, I've felt detached from my business profile. Never really feeling genuine in my descriptions of accomplishments or tasks. Always feeling forced in my enthusiasms. I finally got the courage to ask some close friends to spice up and tear down my curriculum vitae … Continue reading Growth Through Vulnerability

Thursday’s Thoughts – On A Big Question

WHAT DO YOU DO? I ask and guide people to answer every question that begins with "Have you considered...?" People often ask me what do I do for a living. Until today, this question has often overwhelmed me and caused me tons of anxiety. How the hell can I answer this clearly and succinctly when … Continue reading Thursday’s Thoughts – On A Big Question