Odds & Ends – The Gratitude Project

Last Year, while reading “Gravitate 2 Gratitude", by Carolyn Flower, I started one of her prescribed exercises. This exercise was meant to help us recognize, in essence to become grateful for all we have. It focuses the mind on seeing reasons to be grateful by establishing a habit of gratitude. Like most habits it takes … Continue reading Odds & Ends – The Gratitude Project

Odds & Ends – Where Was I, now? Oh, right… Part Two

Distraction is what I thought I’d focus on today, but I learned something new and more resonating for myself… about Failure. I’ve often contemplated the affirmation: “There is no such thing as failure; there are only results”. I’ve used it as a mantra, but I don’t think I ever truly understood it, until now… maybe. … Continue reading Odds & Ends – Where Was I, now? Oh, right… Part Two

Odds & Ends – Plans Change

Setting a new goals and getting amazed as the universe conspires to make happen what really needs to happen. A few months ago I started a soft evaluation of what I loved the most in all the jobs I’ve ever had. I have always enjoyed teaching, training, or coaching others. I have always seen it as an … Continue reading Odds & Ends – Plans Change