More Mall People

The morning is bright for our hero this morning We’ve got the milk drinker spewing inanities to the crone who accompanies him. We’ve got the curly haired lady wearing sunglasses in the dimmest corner of the room, seemingly having a debate with herself. We’ve got another auto-conversationalist sipping his coffee, polishing his glasses, and stuffing … Continue reading More Mall People

Young Boy

Young Boy Sitting in the metro in a green snowsuit and black and white, striped hat. He’s trying to get comfortable Lying this way and that Using his arm to rest upon. He looks over to his Mother sitting across the way in another seat. He looks down at his seat and pats the space … Continue reading Young Boy


Illusions… Sounds made by the wind Shadows out of the corner of your eye The pretty girl on your mind Illusions? The sun moving shadows on the ground The scent of perfume recalling an image of beauty The pretty girl’s heart that can’t be found Illusions! The charmer’s magical love part The hidden meaning of … Continue reading Illusions


I knew an old imp who lived in an egg He hobbled the streets cobbled on a wooden leg. Go, he would, to the corner store. For what, although, he was never quite sure. He would buy bread and tea and cheese. And conveniently forget the pepper which always made him sneeze. Back to his … Continue reading Comforts


i’m an innocent traveling through a guilt ridden world selfishly ignoring my inner feelings and indulgently abusing those of others by M. Perron (Originally written November 22, 1989) Notes: Really, Mario? Thank God my existential crisis period took over from my self-indulgence and over-seriousness. Well, at least I think it has... wink, wink.

Basic Teenage Angst

Basic Teenage Angst (from Thoughts Forming - January 18th, 1990) It starts off black: Think with darkness Void from sound Bereft of scent Numb to feeling Light appears: A vibrant green A joyful yellow A painful red A sorrowful blue Images form: The outline of eyelashes The trees outside the window The cars moving down … Continue reading Basic Teenage Angst

How beauteous nothing is

How beauteous nothing is To feel the flow of words, images. More than the meaning of words Semantics, Pragmatics What colours they inhibit Just enjoy by M. Perron (Originally Written November 18, 1993) Notes: Some of the stuff I wrote back then just intrigues me. What the heck was I thinking about when I wrote … Continue reading How beauteous nothing is

But I’m Your Friend

I call you to fill in the boring morning hours. You’ve been excusing yourself Too busy to talk do you fear death in friendship? Do you wonder why some seem untrusting in friendship? Can you decide to confide or is it suicide in friendship? You’ve chosen… I’ll hold you to your terms on my terms … Continue reading But I’m Your Friend


Sitting with my Stephen King collections in my hands. A feeling of terror, like the fighter in “Nona” is paralleled in me. A ghost walked by: Round, white face, sallow eyes, good teeth, and a hunched back On it’s heels he came; the middle-aged man: eyes ravaged with life experiences, but hauntingly expressionless. His clothes, … Continue reading Mausoleum


I’m not sure what love is, but I know what I love. I Love a smile that calls me in for a kiss, that drives me to smile in return, that makes my heart flutter when I see it, and fills me with missing when I can’t. I love eyes that reveal a mighty soul … Continue reading LOVE