Being a Marketing & Media Consultant or Coach is a funny thing, if you are the type of person who likes to help first and worry about the charging later.

I started doing this work formally & officially upon the insistence of  several of my business coaches. When some of them, whom I consider mentors started coming to me for advice and a different perspective on how to market their services and help make sure their message was clearly communicated and in their authentic voice. Thus was born the need for TOMA Marketing.


I have two main services at this time.

NB: 1st hour is at no charge and the intention is for it to be the initial getting to know each other time. It tends to extend longer as the relationship is the most important key for me, and lots of free advice is exchanged. 

1- Marketing Services

1.1 – Strategy: A process of clearly defining your ideal client & where they can be found, as well as clearly defining your vision, value proposition, and message.

1.2- Implementation: A process of evaluating advertising options that fit with your investment budget and the mission of your company.

Marketing Fees: When billing time begins, it is $150 / hour or $750 / day.

2- Writing Services

2.1 – Ghostwriting (ie: without credit or royalties):

2.1.1 – For Books: $70 / hour with a project minimum of $5,000.00

2.1.2 – For Articles, Blogs, Emails, Sales & Introduction Letters, Bios, & Statements (Mission, Vision): $1.25 / word.

2.2 – Co-writing & Editing (ie: with credit and/or royalties):

2.2.1 – For Books: $1,000.00 /60 pages and 25% of profits and/or royalties.

2.2.2 – For Articles, Blogs, Emails, Sales & Introduction Letters, Bios, & Statements (Mission, Vision): $1.25 / word and 25% of profits and/or royalties.

For more information, please email me and we can set up a phone call, Skype or in person meeting.