Do you know what motivates me about what I do? I get to wake up everyday and do something I love!!!

I get to inspire people to do what inspires them. It’s the most wonderful thing in the world. In fact, the fun part is trying to figure out all the different ways I can do that. It’s really awesome! The best part is, it is also great for business!

When asked What I Do, I enjoy answering: “I invite people to explore the question: “Have you considered this…?” 

Being a Consultant/Specialist is a rewarding business when you are the type of person who starts every conversation with “How can I help you?” and only thinks about the charging if there is something he can help with. Well, this attitude has paid off very well.


I decided to formally & officially start doing consulting work upon the insistence of several of my own mentors; when some of these Thought Leaders started coming to me for advice and a different perspective on how to market their services and help make sure their message was clearly communicated and in their authentic voice. Thus was born the need for TOMA Marketing and my role as a Successographer within it.

The main focus of my consulting is an unshakable belief that your life & your vision are your messages to the world. I transform your journey to success into words of Inspiration, impact, & Influence.

The New Me

TOMA = Top Of Mind Awareness and so much more. For me, your authentic voice is found in the true passion you have for what you do. That is what I look for and that is where my passion resides… in sharing the passions of others. Over the years, I have found that one’s true passion is their Unique Selling Point.

Together we will find your authentic “WHY” and clearly define it so your true vision & voice can be heard.

I have two main services at this time.

The first hour is for getting to know each other. It tends to extend longer as I’m told my curiosity will bring out your storyteller while actively listening for your passions. The relationship is the most important key for me, and a sense of partnership with a common goal is beautifully sown during our conversations before we decide to do business together. 


Service Retainer: $1,500.00

1- Consulting & Coaching Services

Consulting & Coaching Fees: $150 / hour or $750 / day.

1.1 – Strategy:

It starts with a process of clearly defining your intended message, your vision, your mission, your value statement & proposition, your voice, and your ideal client.

1.2- Implementation:

It starts with clearly evaluating where your ideal client can be found, followed by evaluating advertising options that fit your investment budget and the mission of your company. It finishes with developing an marketing plan, including what you want to say.

2- Writing Services

2.1 – Interviewing and Biography Writing:

2.1.1 – Interviews: $50 for up to 30 mins. $50 for each additional 15 minutes of spoken interview. You will get the complete spoken interview in MP4 format.

2.1.2 – Written (Transcribed and edited) Interview: $200 for up to 750 words. $200 for each additional 500 words.

2.1.3 – Article based on interview: $250 for up to 750 words. If longer requested, price to be determined.

2.2 – Ghostwriting (ie: without credit or royalties):

2.2.1 – For Books: $70 / hour with a project retainer of $2,100.00.

2.2.2 – For Articles, Blogs, Emails, Sales & Introduction Letters, Bios, & Statements (Mission, Vision): $0.60 / word.

2.3 – Co-writing  (ie: with credit and 25% of royalties):

2.3.1 – For Books: $1,000.00 /up to 50 pages of one thousand words on average. $50 for each additional page.

2.3.2 – For Articles, Blogs, Emails, Sales & Introduction Letters, Bios, & Statements (Mission, Vision): $0.60 / word.

2.4 – Editing & Proofreading: $0.15 / word.

For more information, please email me and we can set up a phone call, Skype or in-person meeting.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,

Mario MJ Perron


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