When asked What I Do, I love to answer this: “I engage with others to answer every question that begins with “Have you considered…?”

I believe successful people have a passion for the work they do.
Their passion makes the work great and I get a rush when sharing the stories of their path to success.
I write to help amazing people get their greatest work into the world.

Multipotentialite & Renaissance Soul!

These sum me up best… I’m always practicing how to turn a lifetime of curiosity & a passion for sharing knowledge into The New Renaissance Mindset! Along with this my path, I’ve developed a passion for art, advertising, marketing, human behavior, positivity, spirituality, and creativity in every aspect of my life. Lately, this has given me opportunities to coach and consult on these passions, and to add my art to a variety of projects.
I am fortunate enough to live in some amazing communities that allow me to network with Growth Mindset Thought Leaders, Coach Entrepreneurs on how to Wisely invest in their Growth, Brainstorm with Professionals to answer my favorite question: “Have you thought of…?”, and I get to play with art materials.
Isn’t life just Tremendous?

Living With Words @ The New Renaissance Mindset

Living With Art @ Arts M. Perron 


41 thoughts on “My Great Why?

      1. When I say ‘self-made’ I mean, with grit and determination, taking the help of inner potentials besides with active help from those working with that person – both subordinates and seniors. Self-made man possesses all the traits of positive attitude, positive manners, etiquette and has firm belief in himself/herself and his/her Creator.

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  1. Multipotentialite, will write it down whilst I practice.:) Thank you for your like on my blog. As usual I check the kind responder out and you seem full of enthusiasm for your sculpting and other Art forms.
    As you have seen I write poetry and prose about life. I also do paint in oils.
    Never tried sculpting although I watched sculptors and wanted to have a go.
    Will follow you and see what you do next. 🙂

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    1. Thank you & Bless you, Miriam.

      I love creative people and people who inspire with their words like you do.

      If you are curious to learn more about multipotentialities here are a couple of links that will inspire you:

      Emily Wapnick is the originator of this term and she is both awesome and genuinely kindhearted.

      I was blown away by her Ted Talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/emilie_wapnick_why_some_of_us_don_t_have_one_true_calling

      She built an inspiring network of like minded people at The Putty Tribe: https://theputtytribe.com/email-waitlist/

      I also fiercely recommend reading The Renaissance Soul by Margaret Lobenstine: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/1615190929?tag=renminds-20&camp=8641&creative=330649&linkCode=as1&creativeASIN=1615190929&adid=1X85CXATF6XYJ7T5E14R&

      I look forward to growing with you.

      Wishing you an amazing week.


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      1. Thank you M for your kind and in depth answer.
        Multipotentialist ! I am excited, answers many questions for me.:)
        Have just listened to Emily Wapnik – Ted Talk. So clear she is and sweet as a person.
        I will continue tomorrow and check out the other links.

        An amazing week to you too

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    2. Dear MPerron and Miriam,

      I am certainly glad and grateful that we are all artists here conversing with each other enthusiastically, and seeing what others have created with passion!

      Also, as a lover, collector and connoisseur of art, I like to think about and comment on art when time permits and circumstance prevails. Here is one example distilled into a post that I published some years ago at https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2013/01/06/soundeagle-in-john-clinocks-art-rat-cafe/

      I would like to inform you that you might need to use a desktop or laptop computer with a large screen to view the rich multimedia contents available for heightening your multisensory enjoyment at my blog, which could be too powerful and feature-rich for iPad, iPhone, tablet or other portable devices to handle properly or adequately. May you enjoy the said post to your heart’s content!

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      1. Personally poetry and business marketing. I’m dabbling in affiliate marketing right now but honestly just testing the waters until I decide if I fully want to commit. I also run an online reselling business but that is more of a full-time job at this point.

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      2. Sure.

        I’m looking at Wealthy Affiliate in Regards to affiliate marketing. The price seems right and I like the community vibe to it.

        Currently I’m relaunching my ebay store so inventory is pretty low but will grow.

        ebay: http://www.ebay.com/usr/boardsnsuch

        Also have an entrepreneurial YouTube channel if that’s your thing:


        Thanks for asking btw. Always happy to share. I like the idea of personal growth coaching. Seems like a fun career.

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      3. I tried Wealthy Affiliates for the same reasons. I stopped because it was becoming a full time job and felt like just another MLM.

        I haven’t embarked on eBay yet and I have a poor excuse in that I’m uncomfortable packaging my work for shipping.

        I will be having to do some work on YouTube soon for several companies I’m helping launch. That should be fun.

        I’ll check out your store and videos soon.

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      4. YouTube can be a ton of fun but frustrating compared to the blogging world, at least in my opinon. I have a vid with 20k views from laster year but didn’t even realize it until a year and half later. Basically starting over from scratch at this point.

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  2. Thank you for visiting my art blog site. Maybe blog is the wrong word as it is mostly kept as a private gallery of art works I have come across that I archive to revisit. Your handsome face in your avatar caught my eye. Best regards, ks

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  3. Nice term, successographer! I too am a multipotentialite, so pleased to meet you.. and thanks for dropping by my blog and following. Allowed me to be introduced to yours. I look forward to reading more.

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  4. Good post. I study something more challenging on completely different blogs everyday. It is going to all the time be stimulating to learn content material from different writers and practice somewhat one thing from their store. I edkgdcafdfca

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