All The Ways We Hide

We wear masks and often wear masks to cover the mask we only want partly seen. We hide parts of ourselves in shadows to keep up false mysteries. We turn our faces and bodies to de-emphasize the faults we see in ourselves, or to highlight what we like the most. We make-up or tan ourselves … Continue reading All The Ways We Hide


Myself, later On

My inspiration here was a portrait of an old man, obviously without a shirt. Perhaps to indicate a greater vulnerability. Only after putting a few lines on paper did I start feeling the familiarity. I think I was making a self-portrait as an older man. I let my mind go and my hands followed the … Continue reading Myself, later On

Beauty is Two Dimensional

She's stick thin and is meant to be a blank canvas upon which beauty is painted. By herself, this model is meant to have little substance. I've drawn her with almost no contour and decided to catch her as she's turning in profile, where she might just disappear. For more of my drawings please visit … Continue reading Beauty is Two Dimensional

Just, Joy.

Another enigmatic personage. She grew from some outer source, the muse again, I'm sure. I had already done a few drawings this day and had a very productive day all around, so I was quite please with myself. I was feeling happy and felt like drawing out that emotion. I'm not sure if what this … Continue reading Just, Joy.

Can You Create Art With Crafts

This year on my way to getting my Art Ed. degree… For ARTH370 – Reflection Paper Reflection Statement:  “You can’t create art with craft [...]. Part of the prejudice is because of the beauty of the medium.[...] The tradition of the beautiful object is always in the way.” By François Houdé (1987) (From: Ann Duncan. … Continue reading Can You Create Art With Crafts

Research On The Prevailing Forms of Ceramics in Montreal Today

This year on my way to getting my Art Ed. degree... For ARTH370 - Independent Research Introduction The primary inquiry was based on the observation of less sculptural ceramics on physical display in many of Montreal’s formal art galleries and noticing a greater representation of vessels in the shape of a bowl. The initial question … Continue reading Research On The Prevailing Forms of Ceramics in Montreal Today

In Montreal, Art Is All Around Us

This year, in pursuit of my Art Ed. degree... For ARTH 370 - Montreal Metro Visit Report Introduction Originally aiming to experience a different piece of art in the Lionel Groulx Metro, this piece jumped out at me while on-route. I had to stop and look at it, and realized that I was experiencing it … Continue reading In Montreal, Art Is All Around Us


I stared at this guy for a long time, before hearing any kind of story. It was very hard to hear his voice. So, I asked him to tell me. He only gave me his little smile. I begged for something, anything, just one thing... That's when he whispered his name: "Finger", and nothing else. … Continue reading Finger

Do You See Me?

There's a sadness that's deep inside people who feel unremarkable and un-noticed. I've felt this most of my life and work hard at changing that mindset-habit. I've been lucky enough to meet many outstanding and talented people who also feel this way and I am constantly amazed that they see themselves this way. We have … Continue reading Do You See Me?


Could this guy be a monk, a yogi, a wizened guru, or just some old guy? Whatever and whoever he is, he looks wise. There's that added calm he emotes that gives the feeling he might be wiser than us. The photo I took of this older guy had him much farther from the lens, … Continue reading Wisdom