Herritage Architecture in Montreal

I believe these silos are part of the Five Roses flour mill on the Old Port of Montreal and there's discussion of it's future, as well as the landmark Silo #5 close by. I'll let you do your own digging into the architectural significance of these silos, as my report would be quite long. I … Continue reading Herritage Architecture in Montreal


Weather Report – Chance of Mondrian Skies

I was intending to give it a uniform sky colour, but my focus kept going to the geometric shapes seen in the tower and between the buildings. It reminded me of a Mondrian painting, so I thought, why not...? I'm still uncertain the white user-sky was the right choice, but I sometimes have that fear, … Continue reading Weather Report – Chance of Mondrian Skies

Jaded Bird

I looked up at the roof and what did I see? Some big bird staring down on me and the crowd of tourists I was with on this visit to Les Forges de Montreal. I imagined it was shaking its head disapprovingly. I really have no idea what it was thinking, or even if this … Continue reading Jaded Bird

The Old Sky Walk

The skywalk is part of the Five Roses silo complex, and the stone building on the right-front side of the picture was once Montreal's water pumping station. It is now the residence of Les Forges de Montreal. A non-profit metalsmith school. It's part of a return to valuing hand-crafted objects that seems to be popping … Continue reading The Old Sky Walk

Vampire Temple Skyline

I see this view from the second floor windows at the EV building at Concordia university, facing Mackay Street. The view disturbs me and I'm not sure if it's because it is remarkable or un remarkable. It just bugs me. I find myself taking the same picture of it from different floors, as if I … Continue reading Vampire Temple Skyline

Bauhaus High-rise

Thank's to the art history class I'm currently taking I discovered a little more about the history of architecture here in Montreal. I thought I knew a little about the Bauhaus architecture, but somehow I never realized just how much of our beautiful city was defined by it. I'm not sure who got the credit … Continue reading Bauhaus High-rise

Unfinished or Undone Cathedral

I couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing from this church. I didn't crop out the surrounding buildings I didn't take away surrounding trees. I only changed the sky. So, what was it that was missing from what I at first mislabelled as a cathedral? Well, perhaps it's that it isn't a cathedral anymore, … Continue reading Unfinished or Undone Cathedral

Painted Sky

The clouds swirled around some unseen source.Not sun, not moonSome light hole in the sky. It took a fraction of a second to see it dissipate after I caught it. When I brought the image into photoshop, some of the swirl had magically evaporated and left behind hints of this aquamarine sky. See More at Arts M.Perron

Watercolour Sky

Sunrise almost always inspires my creativity. The framing of this one was I'm portent, as I was taking random shots from across the street and found myself frustrated by the signs of human presence: houses, electrical wires, etc… While cropping to get the framing right, I saw more than my original attraction tin to the … Continue reading Watercolour Sky

Textured Sunrise

The tension is all in the texture! I kept playing with detail, definition and focus. On the camera, I could tell there was something to see in the trees themselves and it was making me anxious. The blessing of poor eyesight has been that I need to trust my instincts and grab shots that feel … Continue reading Textured Sunrise