Love – The Most Beautiful Topic To Teach

Book Review-Recommendation: Listening with My Heart: A story of kindness and self-compassion by Gabi Garcia Beautifully written.Beautifully illustrated.Excellent message for all ages: compassion isn't only about what we feel towards others, but equally as im portantly what we feel towards ouselves. It also wonderfully illustrates why we need to love ourselves. Follow Esperanza (Hope) as … Continue reading Love – The Most Beautiful Topic To Teach

Uncertain Frequencies

I've held onto this one for a little while because I couldn't figure out what it was telling me. All I got from it was uncertainty and anxiety. The colours are chaotic. The blending is choppy and frustrated. The piece makes me angry and anxious. It fills me with strife. I want to scream at … Continue reading Uncertain Frequencies

A Teachable Moment Not To Be Overlooked

Book Review: When I Grow Up by Al Yankovic Let me start with the good stuff: the illustrations are wonderful and the rhymes are loads of fun.The message is amazing: You can be anything you want to be, just be amazing at it! You can change you mind as often as you wish, as long … Continue reading A Teachable Moment Not To Be Overlooked

Abstract Landscape In Isolation Times

I dreamt of a floating forest, displaying the basic colours one might find in a sun-dappled wood. This morphed as my dreaming mind tried to tell a story for it and it became floating mountains... some part from Lovecraftian dreamscapes, some part from Miyazaki's moving and floating architectures. I enjoyed the mass floating off to … Continue reading Abstract Landscape In Isolation Times

Play = Creativity & So Much More

Book Review: Not A Box by¬†Antoinette Portis Right to the point! Let the imagination run wild and open the conversation with your child to tell you how they see the world.I'll can't wait to read this one to my class. Nothing is as it seems to the viewer and the world is much vaster when … Continue reading Play = Creativity & So Much More

Feeling Kinda Blue – The Hollow Ones #36

I let the feeling wash over me, through me, and out of me. It went right to the paper and I was left with a feeling of joy. This is what blues music dies for me too. I acknowledge the emotions of the medium and let it wash away the sadness. What is left is … Continue reading Feeling Kinda Blue – The Hollow Ones #36

Everyone has a purpose

Book Review: Eraser by Anna Kang Adorable story. This I'd love to read to my class and have discussions about team work, purpose, and doing what you do best. Also, because 'Eraser' is learning her purpose, she tries different things... that's wonderful to talk about. The illustrations are friendly and fit the story well. It's a fast … Continue reading Everyone has a purpose

A Bit Of A Funk Approaching – The Hollow Ones #35

I didn't wake up feeling this way, at least, I think I didn't. A minor family crisis greeted us before our first coffee and a feeling of tension filled the air. When it was over, a sadness approached and hung about like a stink. The sky became overcast and heavy, instead of great lighting for … Continue reading A Bit Of A Funk Approaching – The Hollow Ones #35

Bossa Nova Love – The Hollow Ones #34

Ok, so I think I still have more of these in me. I did this one spontaneously a few days ago. My wife has been dancing around the house and making me and my daughter giggle. The house has been full of music and love. I don't know if I unconsciously chose to keep the … Continue reading Bossa Nova Love – The Hollow Ones #34

Isolation Fantasy Blues #9

I've started teetering over the edge of boredom and the need to do something is growing into a near frenzy! With dozens of pages left to fill from the music sheets, chosen for these pastel drawings... well, here are a few more... staying with the fantasy of being able to live with quiet, if I … Continue reading Isolation Fantasy Blues #9