Wednesday’s Wisdoms #10: Simply Right On!!!

“I want to live simply. I want to sit by the window when it rains and read books I’ll never be tested on. I want to paint because I want to, not because I’ve got something to prove. I want to listen to my body, fall asleep when the moon is high and wake up … Continue reading Wednesday’s Wisdoms #10: Simply Right On!!!


Fading Memories

Ghost or fading photograph? You decide. The dust of time is blowing across this sweet girl of centuries past. Her clothes give us a hint of where and when, but there must be more to her story. Who was she? Who loved her and who did she love? I once heard that when we see … Continue reading Fading Memories

Tuesday’s Triumphs #10: Survival

“What a beautiful thing it is, to be able to stand tall and say. ‘I fell apart, and I survived.” From Daily Quotes I dedicate this one to my Mom. Our whole family is dealing with our beloved sister’s and  Dad’s cancers, each in our own way, but my Mom is just inspirational about it. … Continue reading Tuesday’s Triumphs #10: Survival

But A Reflection…

A reflection, yes, but of what? Is the subject looking at himself and seeing what the mirror reveals of his soul, or something else? Perhaps he sees in the eyes of his interlocutors what they see of him: a strange, dark, and compelling interest. The image appears blurry until one squints at it and then … Continue reading But A Reflection…

Monday’s Meanings #10: Seek what’s stopping you

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” By Rumi I’m sure there’s more to this quote, but I chose not to look for it. I feel the rest would be telling us to surpass our barriers. I … Continue reading Monday’s Meanings #10: Seek what’s stopping you

Recognizably Unfamiliar

What I learned in class this week... Imagine yourself walking into class, as usual having little to no idea of what surprise activity the teacher has in store. The tables are clear, except for a single large sheet of brown paper on each. Some of your classmates are already sitting at the tables with their … Continue reading Recognizably Unfamiliar

A Serious Fellow

I'm really loving charcoal sticks! can you tell? They are deliciously messy and sloppy, but allow me to express so much more atmosphere. The figure comes alive on the page. He is no longer just a portrait of some creepy Victorian gent. He has become the tragic protagonist of an Edgar Allen Poe novel. Seemingly … Continue reading A Serious Fellow

Sunday’s Speculations #10: Purposefully Happy

“If you want to be happy, you have to be happy on purpose. When you wake up, you can’t just wait and see what kind of day you’ll have. You have to decide what kind of day you’ll have.” By Unknown Deep down, and in my head, I know that everything we do, we must … Continue reading Sunday’s Speculations #10: Purposefully Happy

Saturday’s Surprises #9: Teach your children well

“You cannot control what your children are exposed to. You can only influence the way they perceive it.” By MaybeMicha  This quote crossed my path three time in two weeks. The first was during a conversation with my parents about trying to figure out what experiences from growing up influenced who I am today. I’m … Continue reading Saturday’s Surprises #9: Teach your children well

Friday’s Frequencies #9: Good Vibrations

“Anytime you feel good, you’ve found vibrational alignment with who you really are” By unknown This concept come to me so often that I have to believe it’s true. I also believe it is crucially important to remember that we are always growing and changing beings. What feels good right now, may feel differently tomorrow, … Continue reading Friday’s Frequencies #9: Good Vibrations