Arts M.Perron Gallery

See Full Page via Arts M.Perron Gallery Dedicated to creativity. I share and talk about the works I’ve made with my hands & my imagination. It starts with a focus on my painting & sculpture; there is poetry from my past & present; photography explorations; and now, there are creations from my dream to have … Continue reading Arts M.Perron Gallery


TOMA Marketing Consulting

See full page & services via TOMA Marketing Consulting When asked What I Do, I enjoy answering: “I invite people to explore the question: “Have you considered this…?” 

It’s Time To Manage Time

To Rest or Not To Rest, That is The Question... I'm about to start a new job and the time commitment is what really has me concerned. To be honest, time to get everything done is always my chief concern. I've learned that just diving in and doing it, gets it done well. It's the … Continue reading It’s Time To Manage Time

Searching for how best to say… I Love You!

A Very Happy Birthday To My Amazing Wife!!! It's one of those big years for my awesome wife and I really wanted to do something special, but Sawsan isn't always the easiest person to surprise, nor does she like being the centre of attention. I had a bit of a rough patch figuring out what … Continue reading Searching for how best to say… I Love You!

Connecting With “NOW” Feelings

Regret is a sign of disconnect with yourself Ok, so this quote has got me all in a bother and confusion, sort of. The bother is that when I think about the times I've felt bad & regretful about any point in my past, it was always about how discontent I was with my present … Continue reading Connecting With “NOW” Feelings

A Simply Fine Cabinet Transformation

The Possibility Of A Curio Cabinet Of Sorts... Here's the first of many new projects I hinted at in a recent article called The Joy of New Projects. This piece started as a beautifully made example of cabinetry made by the donors uncle. He told me he was a well known German Cabinet maker, but … Continue reading A Simply Fine Cabinet Transformation

Now, Is All There Is.

It's Starting To Sink In Almost thirty years ago I read The Way of The Bull by Leo Buscaglia and started considering the concept of Carpe Diem as part of an endless wish-list. Only, how to implement it when there are so many life-obstacles possible? Well, I didn't get the concept back then, so I … Continue reading Now, Is All There Is.

The Cool Lines Commode Transformation – Part 1

Rescued From The Dump To Blow Up My Imagination The son of the original owner showed me this old piece he was getting ready to toss and asked me what i thought of it. "Funky" was my first impression. Needs lots of love and I'm just the guy to love it, was my second thought, … Continue reading The Cool Lines Commode Transformation – Part 1

Ask And You Shall Receive

The Battle For What I Want Rages On... I'm winning, sort Of... As many of my dear readers know, I often feel I crumble under the perceived weight of the question of what do I really want. The good news is it's getting easier to answer, when I break it down. The question is seldom … Continue reading Ask And You Shall Receive

The Joy Of New Projects

Transformations have never been so much fun! I'm so excited to be working on this new stash of beautiful pieces. I've been busy studying design and finding that nothing is as simple or exact as described in the books I'm studying. Most of what I'm finding is a blurred and beautiful combination of Mid-Century Modern, … Continue reading The Joy Of New Projects