Baby Buddha in the Wabi Sabi Garden

Last summer I completed the infrastructure for a zen garden for my wife. This little Buddha found itself well placed under my dwarf Japanese maple tree. It got quickly enveloped by some ground hostas, so I moved it this year to sit on a rock near the water fountain I rigged from a reclaimed cement … Continue reading Baby Buddha in the Wabi Sabi Garden

Strange Perspectives before Being Eaten

When editing, I always take a look at the photo in greyscale to see where the light and shadows belong. When I pealed away the colours on this one, something strange developed that I just can't put my finger on. The whole perspective shifter from one where I felt to be looking down into the … Continue reading Strange Perspectives before Being Eaten

A Little Yellow Peeks Out

I'm not sure what this little weed is; I only know it's beautiful! There are a few that pop up around my garden, from under a heavy cover of other plants. They almost always only have a single yellow blossom showing at a time and several waiting their turn. It is only about 2mm x … Continue reading A Little Yellow Peeks Out

A Very Green Affair

I've been cultivating wild sumacs into a nice hedge for a few years now and they are always growing. The baby leaves are tiny and almost insect-like. When I shot this macro, the sun was extremely bright and it looked like white heat was emanating from the plants. All I needed to do was hike … Continue reading A Very Green Affair

A Procession of Pink

My Cabot roses are fading early this year, or so it seems to me. They only seem to last a day before wilting, but I may be imaging things due to my busy work schedule. I'm only really looking at them every few days. Regardless, I am endeavouring to capture the vibrant pink every chance … Continue reading A Procession of Pink

Lil’ Devil Fighting Boredom

Another lunchtime break that felt too long and being in the art room is a little like my being a kid in a candy store... so much temptation to take and use the abundance of art materials. I let my respect for karma dictate my actions and leave most of the stuff alone... I only … Continue reading Lil’ Devil Fighting Boredom

A little good news — about trees and forests Now this is good news I'd love to hear in mainstream media news. There are obviously some very amazing companies out there who are doing good things. Check out the list in this article. The imagination of The team that built this app went well beyond advertising, it's goal was to plant trees. Move … Continue reading A little good news — about trees and forests

A little good news — about Mussels and micro plastics This is really interesting. I do have loads of questions, though!!! How do mussel colonies affect coral reefs? What other wildlife will be impacted by the explosion of mussels? How certain is the science that no toxins are absorbed into the mussels' flesh that might impact the food chain that consumes them! What other … Continue reading A little good news — about Mussels and micro plastics

Jasmine Dreams

These small flowers are deceptively fragrant. The jasmine perfume permeates the whole house during the winter months and the backyard during the summer. They always start off white and just before desiccating and falling turn a lovely wine read. Seldom much more than an inch in diameter, they always attract everyone's attention. I can only … Continue reading Jasmine Dreams

Japanese Highlights

I spent a little time around my beloved Japanese maple. The ground cover and a little determined clover plant add a wonderful contrast to the incredible burgundy leaves of the dwarf maple. There's even tension in the contrast, however peaceful it feels. I adore the remnants of greens in the young leaves of the crimson … Continue reading Japanese Highlights